Trying to Play Lady of The Moon Slots

Trying to Play Lady of The Moon Slots

Lady of the moon is one of the characters who was appointed in an interesting online slot game to try and win the game. Because this online gambling provides many advantages and is interesting to try directly. Especially for those of you who haven’t played and want to try to win the game.

This is of course very exciting to try, because every type and form of slot games always provides various dazzling challenges. If you are interested in trying a new game, it feels like this one type can be an option. In the following we will explain the game in full, see the review.

Mengenal Slot Lady Of The Moon

This game is taken from a folk tale that originated in China. This online slot focuses on two characters, namely Tschang O and Hou I. In the story, Hou I has the ability to kill nine suns and get a special, immortal potion.

One day Tschang as a wife saw this potion, when her husband was not at home. Seeing the potion, just drink it. Then, when you drink it, you immediately set foot on the moon and never come back, that’s where the name is obtained.

How to play Lady of the moon slot

1. Reel Slot

In the early stages of starting the game, you will go straight to the reel slot. This reel is the determinant and the beginning of the game. Because you will determine all the guesses or characters on the reel that will be played. For this reason, this game starts with getting to know the reel first. Slot Game Recommendations.

Usually each reel has several characters and about 25 symbols which make up some predefined themes. When you have determined it, you can immediately press the play button and immediately play while waiting for the expected victory and get the win.

2. Payline and Bet Size

Furthermore, what needs to be considered is to manage the game both from the bet amount and the desired payline. If you play deposit slot pakai pulsa telkomsel, this action is an obligation that must be done. Make sure you start with the smallest stakes so you can win the game.

If you have determined the stakes, then you can place bets on each existing reel. If you have done this, then you just have to determine the payline, either more than one bet or more. It all depends on your willingness and ability to bet on winning.

3. Paytable Lady of the moon

If you need some information about the game, then each slot dealer will provide a paytable. This is very important to understand, both from the payment process, the type of bet, the character in the game, and information about winning slots that can be used as a reference in the future in playing.

If you are new and still unfamiliar with online slot games, it feels like seeing the paytables first would be a wise move. Because you will get the needs you want and can calculate the odds of being able to win the games you want and want.

4. Double Up atau Gamble

This is an alternative button to double the bet if you win in the first round. If you are interested in playing and double the bet, then you can press the double up button. Because you will double the stake and get the maximum profit.

At this stage, proper calculations and analysis are needed, if you do it wrong, of course there are risks that must be faced. But that’s the fun of slot games, make sure you are wise and not careless in doing it. If it is careless, then losses and losses will come.

That’s a complete review and discussion of the lady of the moon slot that you can understand and play. Make sure to stay wise in playing, because you need to win and not experience annoying defeats.


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