Play Gold Train Slots Gold Carts with Progressive BOnuses

Play Gold Train Slots, Gold Carts with Progressive Bonuses

Have you ever played a gold train slot with a progressive bonus prize called Gold Train? This game machine with 3 paylines has been quite in demand since it was released in 2017, because it is known to have a maximum multiplier of 513x the player’s capital. Naturally, until now this 3 x 3 formation slot game still exists, because of the promise of this extraordinary victory.

Players can collect UPGRADE gold tickets from each gold carriage which stores random prizes up to progressive bonuses. Get on the train and get ready to leave the station to collect treasure!

Gold Train Slot Game Info and How to Play it

The golden train full of fantastic prizes is ready to go and lead the players to the victory station. You have to get on the train right away if you don’t want to miss the chance to get an amazing progressive bonus on the 777 platform. In this video slot, players can use their smartphone as the most practical play tool that is easy to carry anywhere.

Collect as many UPGRADE gold tickets in each golden train car after leaving the station. During this thrilling journey, you will be given the opportunity to activate a progressive bonus feature that can add 4 to 10 trains. What are you waiting for, immediately find this slot game on a trusted site and play by following the following methods.

1. Get 513x Bets on 3 Payline Slots 3 Reels

The gold cart slot carries a carriage that holds a prize worth 513x the stake that can be taken from its 3 paylines. The volatility is set low, although the return to players is in the range of 97.16% on each spin. In this slot machine bet, new players’ winnings will be paid wins if they succeed in having the following symbols:

  • 1 BAR, appears on the payline of 3 symbols then pays 1.66x the bet.
  • 2 BARs, appearing on the payline of 3 symbols then paid 2.66x the bet.
  • 3 BAR, appearing on the payline of 3 symbols then paid 3.33x the bet.
  • Bells appear on the payline for 3 symbols, then 5x the stake is paid.
  • The flag, appearing on the payline of 3 symbols then pays 6.66x the bet.
  • The conductor’s hat appears on the payline for 3 symbols, then 8x the stake is paid.
  • Lucky 7, appears on the payline as many as 3 symbols, then 10x the stake is paid.

The wild symbol, the fastest symbol that will lead the player to victory. This symbol is represented by a locomotive that runs the speed of light. Except for the upgrade symbol and the scatter symbol, this wild symbol can replace the role of any other symbol. Wild symbols can increase the payout up to 166.66x the stake if the player gets these 3 symbols on the screen.

The Scatter symbol represented by a shiny silver ticket that looks luxurious and elegant. This symbol has the role of delivering the player to the progressive bonus round.

Upgrade symbol, the third important symbol in slot machines which is represented by a luxury gold train ticket. Collect as many symbols as possible and get a lot of prizes when you play situs judi terpercaya in the progressive bonus round.

2. Win by Taking advantage of the Progressive Bonus Feature

To unlock this feature, you can search for Pera Ticket symbols of 3 or more. The conductor will allow the player to bet on the progressive bonus round provided they have a gold and silver ticket. This is commensurate with the many awards and cash prizes tucked away in the train carriages.

In the progressive bonus feature, players can also increase the number of carts with cash prizes of 4-10 by taking advantage of the gold tickets they have collected. You can also find some upgrade tickets that will add to the number of cars in this golden train game. Of course, with the more cars and trains you add, the more opportunities you have to win big cash prizes.

That’s a glimpse of the following information by playing the Gold Train online slot game that comes from a well-known provider. Hopefully satisfying your curiosity who wants to try to play it.


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