How to play the 5 Lions Dance slot

How to play the 5 Lions Dance slot

5 Lions Dance – Included in the online game play under pragmatic play. This game is also one of the most popular games. Fans of this game are from the elderly, adults to children.

It is not without reason why many are playing the 5 lions dance game online. Some of the reasons include the ease of playing the game. Then it was easy enough to win. Even getting a win with a sizeable number. It’s just that this big win cannot be separated from good playing techniques and of course you must be full of patience.

For those of you who want to play the 5 lions dance online game. So it is highly recommended to understand all the rules that have been enforced. Then understand the winning calculation system, understand the features in it. More clearly, understand all the things that exist in online game play.

When you already know all the things in online games. Of course getting big wins is no longer difficult for you to achieve.

If indeed you are a beginner group regarding playing judi slot bonus terbesar. It’s good to read the reviews this time. This article was created to review everything in the 5 lions dance game. Includes features, a winning calculation system and so on.

Get to know how to play the 5 Lions Dance online game

In the online game 5 Lions Dance, players will find a symbol. This symbol is usually a free spin. Often also known as “scatter”. When you are playing the game, this scatter symbol usually appears in different columns.

Scatter usually appears quite often in column 1, column 3, and column 5. However, it is possible to appear in other columns.

When you are playing a game. Then at that time you get a scatter symbol with a total of 3 symbols. Automatically later you can get a free spin.

From the free spin, it can actually open up opportunities for you to win. And it is also possible that you can win repeatedly with numbers that are quite fantastic than usual.

What you need to know, too, is that online games have four different winning levels. The biggest win rate usually starts from the mega tiles world. Then next deep stacks world. And continued with the connected tiles world winning rate. Then for the last level of victory, the mystery symbols of the world.

You can understand the meaning of the winning rate that has been mentioned in the following review. Among them are:

Mega Tiles World: Later when you are playing and get this opportunity. Then you will automatically be directed to Mega Tiles World. Usually with a wild symbol. Then accompanied by payments with high numbers. It is precisely in the column which is the mega tile for any rewrite of any type.

Deep Stack World: In online game play. When you find this out. Then randomly you will be directed to another page. The landing page will later contain several symbols. This symbol, of course, has a fairly high level of pay.

Connected Tiles World: Eligible as before. Later you will be directed to a different page if you encounter the connected world tiles opportunity. Each column will contain certain symbols. The symbol provides for a single payment system. Then later connect the tiles parallel to or spread across several existing columns.

Mystery Symbols: The 5 lions dance online game has the opportunity to get a mystery symbol. When you get this opportunity in the online game 5 lions dance. Later you will be directed to a different page. The page will open a random payment symbol on the back. The amount of payment that you can get is quite varied. Just hope you get a chance to get paid with a fairly high number when you get this opportunity.

Another thing you need to know is that the 5 lions dance online game basically has about 40 winning slot lines. With this winning line, of course, your chances of getting a big win are even greater.

The winnings from these slots will later be awarded based on the applicable provisions. Usually passed from the left to each roll. Later you can find some combination of winning slot lines in the 5 lions dance online game.

At first glance, the 5 lions dance online game looks easy to play. But you know, if you don’t really understand all the existing rules. Obviously winning is quite difficult to get. Instead of winning, you may lose every time you play.

Therefore, it is better to first understand any rules that are enforced. As well as understanding the winning calculation system, to understand all the features that have been provided in the 5 lions dance online game.

If you already understand all the things in the 5 lions dance online game. It’s time for you to play the game. For those of you who are beginners or have reached a certain level. It is possible to use our site Online Slot Betting Games to play online games.

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From this brief explanation. We hope that you understand correctly the game you want to play. One of them is related to the online game 5 lions dance. We wish you good luck playing online games.


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