Find a Gold Pot with 3000x Bets in the Irish Charms Slot

Find a Gold Pot with 3000x Bets in the Irish Charms Slot

Irish Charms online slot provides an amazing gaming experience through its 3 line and 3 reel formation. Already several years ago this game machine which was designed to have 3 paylines was present and accompanied the connoisseurs of betting on official sites.

Before playing, you have to prepare yourself to receive impressive victories from the lucky symbols that you get when you travel to that world. Bring lots of capital, and play maximum bets with big profits in each round!

Overview of the Irish Charms slot game

This online slot game with an RTP of 96.96% is led by a fairy named Leprechaun. He is the one who will guide your journey in finding the symbols of good luck. Peri Leprechaun also provides a pot of gold that can activate payouts worth 3000 times which is also a jackpot bonus in this slot game.

Despite the low volatility, judi pulsa online players can still go to where the gold awaits and bring it home with the help of the Irish totems. Make sure you claim that fantastic win right away using the way to play below:

1. Collect Irish Themed Lucky Symbols from Irish Charms

This online slot game is set with 3 paylines that can be played on 3 x 3 reels. Available in Vietnamese, Polish, German, Danish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Malaysian, English, Indonesian, Romanian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Japanese , Spanish, Serbian, Portuguese, French, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Thai, Italian and Finnish.

Several trusted sites have provided this money betting game, which can be accessed via smartphones or other computer devices such as tablets and desktops. During the betting, make sure you earn to collect life-changing Irish themed symbols of luck.

Want to get a fantastic fee every time the roll of the machine stops spinning? Land the following symbols on the correct paylines:

  • Lucky Shamrock, Green Topper and 3 Golden Horseshoes, if landed on the payline the game system will pay 5 coins.
  • Beer Mugs, if each lands on the payline of 3, 2 and 1 then the game system will pay 10, 5 and 2 coins.
  • Green Topper, if you land on a payline of 3, the game system will pay 15 coins.
  • Lucky Shamrock, if you land on a payline of 3, the game system will pay 25 coins.
  • Golden Horse Shoe, if you land on the payline as much as 3 then the game system will pay 50 coins.
  • Pot of Gold, if you land on the payline as much as 3, the game system will pay 200 coins.
  • Lucky 7, if you land on the third payline as much as 3, the game system will pay 6000 coins.

The wild symbol in this slot game machine is the lucky 7 symbol which pays 6000 coins on the third payline. This symbol can form high winning combinations because it has the function of being a substitute for other symbols.

2. Collect Gold Pots by Landing the Lucky 7 Symbol

When playing this slot, there are 2 things that players must keep in mind. First of all, to find a pot of gold, you have to catch the Lucky 7 symbol which can catch a rainbow. Second, each game machine payline that you bet on has a different payout.

3 Lucky 7 symbols that land on the first payline will pay 1000 coins. Whereas 3 Lucky 7 symbols that land on the second payline will pay up to 3000 coins. And for the third payline, if the player manages to land 3 Lucky 7 symbols on the payline, the payout received can reach 6000 coins.

This information needs to be kept in mind if you want to double your payout when you win a slot spin.

3. Win the Slot Game with the Maximum Bet

Each player is given the opportunity to edit the bet placed before starting the game round. Players can also choose to play on 3 active paylines or only on paylines 1, 2 and 3.

That’s a glimpse into Iris Charms, a 3 payline slot game that provides a jackpot of up to 3000x bets. Enjoy this game!


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