Online Football Gambling Betting Strategy Formulas

Online Football Gambling Betting Strategy Formulas

The winning strategy formula for winning bets is a trusted soccer betting agent, you can easily get online soccer betting games at this time when you are searching on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and so on. There are several articles for Guidelines and How to Win a trusted soccer betting agent, Online Football Betting Games, either according to research results or the personal experience of a number of online soccer agent players.

Even sincere bettor usually paid dearly to get tips and tricks in the trust can help them achieve victory in the main agent reliable football gambling bets Football Games Online. But you know even if not all the tips and tricks that you read either free or paid so guidelines which certainly makes you win in playing bets with trusted soccer gambling agents in Online Football Betting Games. Many of the guidelines are so that the subjective opinion of the author of the article cannot be justified.

Strategies to Win Online Football Betting with the Formulas of Trusted Football Gambling Agents. Online football betting games that fit and fit, we will love, especially for those of you who are beginners in the online soccer gambling sector. Please read and do the following points:

Understanding the ball is the most important

The winning strategy formula for the first trusted soccer gambling agent Online Football Betting Game is that you must have a good understanding / knowledge of football. You can get an understanding of the ball through live broadcasts of football matches on TV or through football news in the artificial & electronic media. By having an understanding on a good online soccer betting agent site, you can only make a comparison / comparison of strengths between the 2 clubs that will be in action. You can also use the understanding you have to predict the course of the match and consider the final result of the match. Therefore,

Make a Study and Possible Victory in Online Football Gambling

Winning strategies for trusted soccer gambling agents, which then means that you can make your own studies or possibilities regarding the matches that will take place. To make studies and possibilities, you must first collect the latest data and news from the 2 clubs. Starting from head-to-head news, possible judi bola resmi player schemes, the last 5 matches of the 2 Premier League clubs, the class ladder and so on. By bringing together that amount of data, you can only come up with the right and the right kind of possibility.

Read the article on possible football match results

After you make a study and their own possibilities regarding football betting who would like to install, you’ll want to then read column dikasihkan possibility by some experince / pundit ball outside and inside the country. Chances are issued by the experience of the ball would be a second opinion could turn into judgments make you. It is more so if the possibility of the experience is not the same as yours or the data that the experience provides is in fact more complete.

Mastering Strategy and Reading the Football Gambling Market

Winning Formula for Football Gambling – To be able to win playing on a trusted online soccer gambling site, you must first understand the correct strategy for reading the football market. Some betting terms on trusted soccer gambling sites such as Handicap, Odds, Mix Parlay, Over Under, 1 × 2, etc., must be understood before starting to play and placing your bets.

After you master all the betting models of the trusted soccer gambling agent, the Online Football Betting Game, you can then determine a suitable strategy to maximize your winnings.

Find a Match With the Best Odds

The winning strategy formula for betting on a trusted soccer betting agent, the online soccer betting game that is no less important is looking for the best football market odds. The essential mistake of many bettors is that they are happier playing on a betting model that includes big clubs or events. Although indeed the Online Football Gambling Agent Site issues a number of thousands of market exchanges every day that you can choose from. If the odds in the big and middle leagues are not that good, it’s a good idea to check the odds in the worm / minor leagues. Please check all the odds on the football market in the worm league to get the best odds. Apart from that, you should not be fooled by the odds which are quite odd / odd according to them. Odds issued by trusted soccer betting agent sites Online Football Betting Games are in accordance with the conditions before the match.

Play Bets 1 × 2

Winning Strategies Betting trusted soccer betting agents The most effective and fast online soccer betting game is playing 1 × 2 bets. Why? Thanks to this betting model there is no handicap / voor system. You only need to think about the final result of the match, whether it was won by the host club, after a draw or won by the guest club. In matches between big clubs and small clubs, usually bigger clubs will be awarded smaller odds. But the smaller the odds, the greater the chance of winning automatically. So for those of you who don’t question the size of your winnings thanks to smaller odds, please play in this 1 × 2 betting model.

How to Win Playing Handicap Online Betting Bets

How to Win Playing Handicap Online Betting Bets

To be able to always win more bets than to lose in playing this handicap online soccer gambling game, you definitely need the right way to use so that every bet played is always right to win the game, in this case, of course you will be able to need various ways to win and keep playing. handicap online soccer gambling that will make it easier for you to be able to win continuously in playing this handicap online soccer gambling.

How to Win Playing Handicap Online Betting Bets

Every method that you have must also be able to be implemented properly, so don’t think if you already have a way to play this handicap online soccer gambling, you can immediately play the game to be able to win this game without losing in playing.

For the sake of being able to win continuously in playing this handicap online soccer gambling game, this definitely requires you to be able to understand exactly the various ways that you can apply in installing the team that you are going to bet on in your game, here is also an understanding of how to win in playing Handicap Online Football Gambling this.

Understand How to Win to Play Handicap Online Football Gambling

Make predictions

Before you start placing your bets to play, make predictions first to be able to help every bet you play can have a better chance of winning each game, because if the tone doesn’t predict first, every bet you play will have a harder chance of winning. in playing, therefore do the predictions that you know before you play this Handicap Online Football Gambling Site game to be able to make your bets more likely to win while playing.

Know the progress of the team

By being able to know the development of the team that you are going to bet on in your game, it will certainly make it easier for you to be able to find out which team will be able to win the game by choosing the team that gives vooran or the team that gets vooran in playing, that’s why in playing online soccer gambling to be able to find out various team developments is also very important to know so that it can make it easier for you to choose which team will have the chance to win the match.

In playing the handicap game, each game will definitely be played by giving vooran or getting vooran in the team you will choose, therefore by making predictions on each team that will play will be able to help you more easily choose which team you will bet on when play later.

In addition there will also be various vooran bets that will be provided that you can choose to bet on, this is what can help you to continue to win this online soccer gambling handicap game, therefore learn various tips on how to win and continue to play handicap online soccer gambling.

Tips or Ways to Win to Continue to Play Handicap Online Football Gambling

Choose a small odds team

Don’t ever think that if you choose a bet with a small odds team there will be no profit to be played, this is a mistake you think about in playing bets with small odds, because the fact has proven that team bets with small odds will have a greater chance of winning. game, instead of you choosing a team that has odds with large stakes, therefore don’t be influenced to get a big profit in playing this handicap online soccer gambling bet, because even though you get a small win in playing it will also be useful if you continue. win the game in playing.

Choose the team that gives vooran

Even though in playing handicap online soccer gambling, choosing the team that gives vooran will be detrimental to you and will also have won the game more, this is a false fact that you already know, because the real fact is that the team that gives vooran is a team that has a good game and have a high chance of winning in winning the game, so don’t think that taking the team that gives vooran will make you lose to bet the team in playing.

In this case, we can conclude that not every thing that we think is detrimental will not be able to be used in playing, therefore continue to learn various ways to win this handicap online soccer gambling which will be able to give you victory.

How to play this ball handicap is also not very difficult, where you also need to understand and know what terms this bet contains as follows:

  • H: home or term for the home team
  • A: away or the term for the guest team
  • Voor: the team that gives more points before the match starts
  • Odds: benchmark payouts that can be received from a match
  • Voor Value in Playing Online Football Betting Bets

For 0

No team will give a voor at all, this can happen if the two teams that are competing have a balanced or equally strong power map.

For 0-0.5 (1/4)

  • To be able to win in full, the team you choose must be able to win in that match
  • Either the result of the match is a draw or a draw will be counted as losing half
  • If you lose, your bet is declared lost

For 0.5 (1/2)

  • In order to win fully, the team you choose must also win the match.
  • If the result of the competition is a draw or a draw then it will be declared a loser

For 0.5 – 1 (3/4)

  • To be able to win in full, the team you choose must win by at least 2 goals.
  • If the result of the match is 2-1 for your team to win, then the bet will lose half.
  • If your team loses, then your bet is also declared losing

For 1

  • If you want to achieve full victory, then the team you choose must win by at least 2 goals
  • If the result of the end of the match is 2-1 for your team to win, the bet will be considered a draw.
  • If your team loses, your bet will also lose

You need to remember that you can also play handicap bets with a mix parlay system where you can place 3 bets in 1 package at once.

But there is a slight difference here, if on a regular handicap you can place a bet in the middle of the match, for a mix parlat handicap you can only place a bet at the beginning of the match.

Such is the explanation of how to play handicap ball betting betting correctly, I hope this article can help you in playing this handicap bet. That is all and thank you .

How To Play Online Football Gambling To Win

How To Play Online Football Gambling To Win

How to play online soccer gambling is the main thing in stepping for profit to win. Considering the number of fans of this sport is not small, online soccer betting is an integral part of a football match. The size of the bet is not a benchmark but a sensation of excitement that is felt to be entertainment in itself. With advances in technology, the internet has made online soccer sites scattered everywhere. Starting from offering yourself as a football agent to increasingly fantastic sites, you can find them on the internet. One of the biggest gambling companies that you may already be familiar with and often meet on the internet is definitely sbobet.

How to Play the Most Complete Sbobet Football Gambling 2019

The name sbobet has become known in Europe since becoming the official sponsor of the Cardif City club in 2010. Not only that, Sbobet has also become a sponsor of Westham United in the English premier league in 2012 and 2013. So there is no need to question the credibility of sbobet products. Now for those who don’t know how to play online soccer situs bola terpercaya here, I will discuss it in full.

In this article, I will discuss and provide information instructions for all of you who have never or don’t understand about this soccer gambling.

Before starting to play, pay attention to the balance or deposit you have. Then you have to understand the function of the image below.

My Bets

In this menu you can see the history data of the pair that you installed in the previous match that was completed. Here you can find out whether the bets you place win or lose.


For this menu, you can see the completed bet history data. By looking at transaction data that has been completed up to one week ago.


Balance is a place to calculate the number of defeats or victories playing since you first joined the sbobet agent site.


For announcements, its function is to view reports or events that allow the dealer to cancel your ongoing bets. Cancellations can be caused due to bad weather or riots in the field. The notification will be conveyed through the announcements menu

Types of bets that can be played

For the next image, as I marked in the red line, the sbobet agent does not only offer sports betting products. A little explanation from the menu that I have marked.


Is the front page of the initial display


In this menu you can find a variety of sports games that have been provided by the dealer. Starting from basketball, hockey, golf, and one of the most popular ones is football which we are discussing now.

Live Sports

is where you can see the matches from the ongoing matches live.

Live Casino

It is a menu that contains various kinds of casino games, you can play games live.


For racing you can play racing games, one of which is horse racing, which is displayed live


Contains various kinds of games from slot games, or jackpot games in the form of machines.

for those of you who are reading this article, of course you will click the sports button, then click the football button to start soccer betting.

Online Football Gambling Market That Can Be Played

The following are betting markets on the official soccer gambling site, there are various types of markets that can be played:


Handicap betting uses a voor system between the team that is on fire (good) and the team whose performance is down. There are rules and regulations in the voor handicap that apply internationally especially for the Asian market.


The 1 × 2 type of soccer gambling game is one of the most common bets known to football connoisseurs. How to play soccer gambling 1 × 2 is only to guess the end of a match. By guessing (home team) who wins, draws, or (away team) wins the game. This 1 × 2 does not use the voor system and it is very easy with the odds value displayed as a determinant of the payment value.

Over under

This type of bet is to guess the number of goals scored in a football match. The rule of play is to place a bet on the over (over) or under (under) of a predetermined limit value. The provisions are by following the existing market, the rules of the limit value follow the same rules as the handicap.

Mix Parlay

The name of this parlay mix can also be called a multiple choice. The condition to play mix parlay is to choose a minimum of 3 teams in one match party with one pair. If there is only one team that loses then as a whole you are declared defeated. Mix parlay gives a high odds value when all the selected teams all win.


A type of soccer gambling bet that selects a team as the winner of a certain tournament or league. Odds on outright always change as a competition progresses, but bets that are valid will still follow the prevailing odds.

How to Read the Online Football Gambling Market

Furthermore, to read the market or kei from the first half. In this menu you only play one round, or 45 minutes of the first half in a football match.

An explanation of the market in online betting:


0.0 means that the kei market provided by the sbobet agent is voor-vooran. 0-0.5. Which means the market or kei given by sbobet is a quarter of a goal


If you want to choose the host club (arsenal) then you have to choose the black number with the number 1.28 written on it. Which means that if you install 100 thousand and the arsenal wins, the payment you will get is 228 thousand, if you lose pay 100 thousand. The kei number given can change from time to time and is uncertain


But if you want to choose a club that is not the host (Bayern Munich) or the away club, you can choose the red numbers. When seen in the picture above, the number -1.47 for Bayern Munich to win will get 200 thousand. Meanwhile, if Bayern Munich loses, it will have to pay 147 thousand. This figure can change at any time.


Fh.g is a menu where you can choose a partner for the number of goals that can be created within 45 minutes of the first half. You can place bets in the over / under column next to it. For the record, the over under pairs provided by the online dealer are 1-1.5 and 1.50. That means the bookie opens the market for one goal a quarter and one half goal for you to choose. If you choose 1-1.5 then the number of goals in the first half is two then you will win in full. However, if only one goal occurs in the first half then your partner will lose half. It is different if you choose 1.50 the number of goals in the first half is only one goal, then you will experience a complete loss.


How to Win Handicap Betting in 2020

How to Win Handicap Betting in 2020

Win Playing Handicap Bets Using the Right Way. Every time the gambling game is always associated with the name of how to win it. We should never play if we don’t have how to play and win it. Especially now that this gambling game has many types that we can do. We can even play each type of game with various bets.

Let’s say that we play gambling online which provides many types. So we will easily choose which type of gambling game for us to play. With so much fun this online gambling game is done. With all the conveniences it has, it will all feel easy if we play online, of course.

We can play focus on winning the game and also play with many choices from it. Likewise with the many bonuses and discounts that the gambling game gives us, which is also an advantage of playing online gambling. Suppose we choose a soccer betting game that has many types of bets in playing online soccer betting later

In this online soccer betting game, the soccer gambling website judi bola players like it very much. So it is very crowded who do this game every day. They do various types of soccer bets every day in online gambling games. They are never bored with it every time they play soccer bets because of the many types of bets that can be played.

Especially in online soccer betting, there are always lots of exciting matches from all over the world to be bet on online soccer gambling. So we want to bet on the league and football club that we want in an online soccer betting game. Just select the match and also choose what type of bet we will play later. After that we get it, so it is easy for us to get our winnings, we play the bet.

The right way to win playing online handicap ball betting

In one soccer match you can bet many types of soccer bets. So that it will be even more exciting to bet on the ball and it will also be easier for us to win it later. Maybe by doing just one match prediction we will be able to win many types of soccer bets later. Therefore, please choose which match to bet on and predict the match as best you can.

By choosing this match is one of the right ways to win the soccer bet. Likewise, making predictions about the match is one of the right ways to win your soccer bet later. Therefore, do the right way to choose and predict the match later so that you can easily win. Maybe we think the kind of boal bet that is easy to make and win.

Likewise, predicting it is a type of Handicap soccer bet. Where this type of bet is very often done and very much interested in it when betting online football. So for the right way to win this type of bet is by choosing matches that are considered equally strong. We can choose that match from looking at the points contained in the match.

This means that you are looking for the match where the poor that are in the match are 0-0 or there are only poor at the highest of 0.50. Here we focus on seeing how the host team was in the match. We hold the utanrumah team with poor 0.5 immediately if we see that the team is in stable performance or is on the rise. But if the performance decreases, please choose another match.

There are many other matches we can play for us to win. Don’t just focus on one game where it’s not clear what our chances of winning are from him. But if we are sure that we are encouraged by the results of our accurate predictions, then take advantage of these winning opportunities by betting that is considered large. That way we will get a big win later. So many articles entitled Winning Playing Handicap Bets Using the Right Way, thank you.


What do voor and furan football mean in the world of soccer betting

What do voor and furan football mean in the world of soccer betting?

Often times we hear people talk about football like “Barcelona Voor Manchester United”, or Spain Voor how much ball with Brazil? Voor can also be interpreted as Pur, Por, Furan ball, or Vor. Actually it all means that it remains only one. It’s just that the way to call it may be a little different. So what is the meaning of “Voor” in the world of football? Why should there be the word Voor? Below we will present to you the “Meaning of Voor”.

Online Football Betting The Meaning Of Voor Is

For dalam Taruhan Bola

Actually, the term Voor is not only found in football. However, it is also legal in other soccer sports such as basketball, golf, billiards and even motorbike racing, there is also the term Voor. The meaning of a word Voor has to do with the excellence of a club. If the quality of a club is superior, then it is certain that the superior club will give Voor. Voor also varies in values, usually such as: 0.25 (1/4), 0.5 (1/2), 0.75 (3/4), 1 (1), 1.25 (1 1/4) , 2.25 (2 1/4), 2.75 (2 3/4), etc.

So if Spain gives Voor to Brazil, this means that Spain will give a certain value to Brazil first. Whether it’s 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, etc … Voor refers to the numbers contained in the Handicap.

On the other hand, if you say leg-legan, it means that there is no voor at all. The match was considered a draw and was great enough for both teams. That’s why they are leggy each other.

There are two leg terms you may need to know that are sometimes confusing, namely:

Leg-legan means there is no voor alias draw.

Leg 1/2 means a strong voor 1/4 for the opponent.

Furthermore, you may be more familiar with terms such as voor 1/4 (0.25), 1/2 (0.5) 3/4 (0.75), etc. Always go up by the multiple by 1/4 (0.25). Some of the voor / leg benchmarks with the same meaning can be seen in the schematic below:

  • 0 ===> leg legan
  • 0 – 0.5 = 0.25 ===> for 1/4 alias leg setengah.
  • 0.5 ===> for 1/2
  • 0.5 – 1 = 0.75 ===> for 3/4
  • 1 ===> for 1
  • 1 – 1.5 = 1.25 ===> for 1 1/4
  • 1.5 ===> for 1 1/2
  • 1.5 – 2 = 1.75 ===> for 1 3/4
  • 2 ===> for 2
  • 2 – 2.5 = 2.25 ===> for 2 1/4
  • 2.5 ===> for 2 1/2
  • 2.5 – 3 = 2.75 ===> for 2 3/4
  • 3 ===> for 3
  • dst..

How to find out which team is vooring against

In online betting whether it’s for the SBOBET, IBCBET, M88, 188 BETTING, LadBrokes, Dafabet, Bet365, etc … it is easy for us to know which team voored its opponent. The baseline is the color assigned to the team or country. Usually the strong team or the one giving the voor will be given a red color. An example of the image below:

You can see that Spain (Spain) is more favored than Uruguay. That’s why Spain is given a red letter which means ngevoor. Those who are believed to be stronger always voor the weaker. In this match there is no home away from home because there is clearly the Confederations Cup in Brazil. So all the teams competing in Brazil which is a neutral stadium. Can be seen in the picture Spain gives 3 voor handicap options to Uruguay, namely:

  • 1
  • 0,75 (3/4)
  • 1,25 (1 1/4)

Each voor has its own choice of odds. There are those who lose more or win more. Win more if the odds are black, vice versa if you lose more if the odds are red. The football dealer opens this market and it remains for us to choose for ourselves. Can win half, can win full or even draw. It depends on the score of the match itself and our choices.

How to Calculate Winning Lose Bets for Voor

What needs to be considered is that the results of the match are always full in the sense of the word there is nothing half-way through. The benchmark is the number of goals scored on both sides. Goals are always scored as numbers: 1, 2, 3, etc. So at best there is no goal at all or the goal is balanced, aka draw, for example: 0 – 0, 1 – 1, 2 – 2, 3 – 3, and so on.
how to read ball voor

Look at the example scheme for the win-lose voor illustration below. To make it easy, we only provide an overview of the difference between 1 goal and we will hold Spain. Basically the same and just raise the pattern.

Draw if there is no goal and the voor we choose is leg-leg (no voor). For example, the score 0 – 0, 1 – 1, 2 – 2 and the voor we choose is 0. In the example image above there is no choice like this because the smallest voor is 0.75.

Draw if the goal difference is equal to the voor value we chose. For example the example image above Spain voted 1 ball for Uruguay. If we hold Spain and the final result is 1 – 0 or 2 – 1 for Spain, then our bet draws. Don’t win, don’t lose because it’s only 1 ball difference.

Win half if the goal difference is only 1 ball and the voor we choose is 0.75. For example, if we hold Spain and the final score is 1 – 0 for Spain, then we win 1/2. So if you bet IDR 100,000 we only win IDR 50,000.

Win fully if the goal difference is more than 1/2 ball from the voor we choose. For example the final score is 2 – 0 for Spain while we choose voor 1, 0.75 or 1.25. Because 2 goals exceed half the ball from the three voor. Even if there is a voor 1.5 we still win because 2 goals are more than half. Especially if the score is 3 – 0 and above. This win includes if the final score is 4 – 1, 3 – 1, etc.

Lose half if the goal difference is less than 1/2 ball from the voor we choose. For example, we choose Spain voor 1.25 while the final score is only 1 – 0 or 2 – 1. That means we lose half. Bet IDR 100,000 then lose IDR 50,000.

Lose completely if the goal difference does not reach 1/2 ball from the voor we chose. For example, we choose Spain voor 1 or 0.75 ball while the score is 0 – 0 or 1 – 1. This means we don’t hit the target and lose badly.

This position can be reversed whether we hold the team that voored or the team that voted. Playing bandar bola terpercaya home or away is the same. Anyway, the difference of 1/2 ball if you don’t win in full will definitely lose. Meanwhile, if there is a value of 1/4, it can only win 1/2 or lose 1/2.

So many articles from us regarding the discussion about “The meaning of the word Voor in the term football”, hopefully this article will add to your insight in the world of soccer gambling for those of you who want to do online soccer betting. May be useful.

How to Win Playing Handicap Online Betting Bets

How to Win Handicap Betting Bets

Several Ways to Win Handicap Betting Bets In handicap games it is very easy to play. Players are only required to choose the team that will win the game. In the sportsbook handicap betting model, the bookie applies a voor system which is used as a balance between the two competing teams. So basically in Handicap type soccer betting, it’s not just about the team that will win the game. But also must be able to win the voor provided by the dealer.

For example, if the dealer applies voor 1 1/4 then the player who chooses the favorite team must win with a goal difference of at least 2 to be able to win the game. However, if a daftar sbobet terpercaya player bets on an underdog team then that team can win completely with a minimum of only a draw. However, if the seeded team only wins by one goal difference.

Then the player who is the underdog only gets half the win. This means that the player is only entitled to a winning prize of only half the amount he wagered. Below we will discuss some easy tips for winning Handicap soccer bets:


It is very important to know a good and quality football team. This will make it easier for you to make a bet, especially if you are a beginner. The advantage of a good football team is that the chances of winning are easier. The reason is that choosing a large team will be easier to beat the opponent. However, what needs to be considered in choosing matches that involve big teams is the voor set by the dealer. If the voor is not too high then it is fine for you to hold a big team.


If the player is absolutely sure to choose a big team or a small team. Then the next step is to observe the weaknesses of the opponents of the team you are holding. That way you will know the odds where the victory will take sides. In a soccer gambling game, there is nothing that guarantees that the big team will always win. In fact, they always win the voor applied by the dealer.


One of the most important things to be prepared before betting online boal betting is information about football. This is a very basic thing for people who want to bet on this gambling.

By knowing some basic things about how to win soccer gambling, the victory will be more open. By becoming part of a trusted online soccer site, the victory will be wide open.

Tips for betting on ibcbet and maxbet soccer gambling to win

Tips for betting on ibcbet and maxbet soccer gambling to win

This may be one of the personal tips for every football betting or online soccer betting player. Self-control in everything is very necessary, because all things that are excessive are certainly not good. Let alone bad things, for example, excessive appetite is not very good for health, as well as playing online soccer betting.

Whatever your goal is to play soccer betting or other online gambling, whether it’s just for fun or just for fun or for profit, it is highly recommended that you control yourself in playing. Play wisely, determine your winning / profit target and if the target has been reached or not even achieved that day then don’t be passionate about pursuing it.

To control yourself, all you have to do is:

1. First, make your target per day or per week in playing football betting. Do not make too big a winning target every day / every week. Make a reasonable target as long as you are still profitable from your capital. If the target has been reached then don’t continue your game until the next day / week. If you lose and the target is not achieved, don’t give up and don’t think about covering up your loss / loss at that time, wait for the next day or week then place your Betting Bets again.

2. Second, make your financial budget properly. To play situs judi bola terpercaya soccer betting, you really have to have a special budget, don’t use your food money, children’s school fees, savings money, etc. Use free money, which means that after your income is deducted by the cost of living needs plus savings and there is a residual, that is what you use for entertainment or playing online gambling.

3. Third, bring enough money when going to play. This may apply to conventional gambling which requires you to come to a place to play gambling. For football betting that can be done anywhere, including at home, then it’s a good idea to separate your money first and leave the principal money (money for your living needs) with family or relatives that you trust or if possible, different accounts and accounts cannot accessed by internet banking. This is to avoid excessive curiosity / lust if you lose playing soccer betting on Sbobet.

4. Fourth, don’t play online soccer betting on debt. If you don’t have the funds to play, then don’t force yourself to do it, let alone get into debt. Once you do it (play football betting on debt) then you will continue to be in debt to play football betting betting when you have no money.

Tips on how to play sbobet football bets to win with small capital

Tips on how to play sbobet football bets to win with small capital

Tips on How to Play Sbobet Football Betting Bets to Win – How and what are the tips for winning soccer betting or other sportsbook games on Sbobet? We have encountered such questions very often in everyone who plays online gambling. Because basically everyone will want to win and want to always benefit from doing everything. In theory, virtually anyone can win in doing the things he does. But remember one thing, in this life nothing always goes our way, that is the fact.

However, as humans who have common sense with good thinking skills will make it easier for us to analyze things well. As in the Football Betting Betting, we as humans also cannot depend on circumstances and just give up. All of these abilities are possessed by humans so that they can pass any obstacle properly to increase our chances of winning.

We return to the topic of online soccer betting games, before you make a bet, of course, you have to choose one of the trusted soccer betting agents that provide sbobet games. In every soccer match everyone can win and win a fortune. It also depends on strategy and self-control and a little luck.

However, today we will not discuss about luck. Because it is uncertain and beyond our control. It’s different if we talk about strategy and self-control, we can do this.

The following below are tips to win playing soccer betting on sbobet mobile:

Strategy for Playing Online Football Betting Betting

Everyone must have different strategies, tips and tricks and of course he will think his strategy is the most correct. But one thing you have to remember is that not all the strategies that people get can be used and applied in your game, you must ask, why is that?

The following below are the factors that might influence it:

1. A strategy usually comes from an idea or experience that someone has already gotten. Of course, the experience someone gets will be different, even if you apply that person’s strategy. However, because you may not have enough experience with that person, it is not certain that you will understand how to implement the strategy.

2. As we just discussed in the first point. How to implement different strategies will of course get different results. As an example we will give: A common thing is that we find many housewives asking their neighbors for a delicious recipe and what they like to their neighbors who might be able to cook the housewife’s food and the results are delicious.

The neighbor also kindly gave her cooking recipes to mothers who asked questions. However, after being put into practice the results were not the same and not delicious, not the same as the recipe’s cook, because the housewife was wrong to apply the recipe that was received by her neighbor. Not much different from online gambling games.

3. Emotions, yeah .. everyone must have emotions. However, the level of individual emotions is sure to vary. We just call our family like brother / sister / father or mother must have a different emotional level from us. Regarding emotions we will discuss below.

Football Markets 1X2 & Double Chance (1X2 & DC)

Football Markets 1X2 & Double Chance (1X2 & DC)

1X2 markets are a market type without vooring, where players only guess the final result of the match, either for Full Time (2 x 45 minutes normal round) or First Half (first half).

The conditions that can be selected from this market are:

  • 1 (home win): is a condition in which the home team or team that is named first, wins or wins in the final result.
  • X (draw): is a condition where the match ends in a draw / draw.
  • 2 (away win): is a condition in which the away team or away team named last wins or wins in the final result.
  • DC (Double Chance) markets are 1X2 combination markets for the final result (2 x 45 minutes normal round).

The conditions that can be selected from this market are:

  • 1X is a guess with the result of a home win or draw (one of the guesses will be counted as winning).
  • 12 is a guess with the result of a home win or away win (one of which will be counted as winning).
  • X2 is a guess with a draw or away win (one of which will be counted as winning).

Similar to the HDP, OU and OE markets, the 1X2 market will appear if you select the Live or Today or Early Market menu in the Market column to the left of your bandar bola resmi view.

Table of how to calculate the kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya Asian handicap ball market


Table of how to calculate the Asian handicap ball market

Result Count

Win or lose

-1/2, -3/4, -1, -1 ¼, -1 ½, etc. Lose Full

-1/4 Half Lose

0 Draw

1/4 Win Half

1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 ¼, 1 ½, etc Full Win

Example 1:

  • A VS B = 2-1
  • HANDICAP: 0.5-1 (means 3/4)
  • YOUR NOMINAL BET: On team A its 2,000
  • GOAL DIFFERENCES: total goals of your chosen team minus the total goals of the opposing team, 2 – 1 = 1

The last step because you are betting on the team that gives the handicap, the goal difference minus the handicap, 1 – 3/4 (handicap) = 1/4

The final result is 1/4 meaning you win your bet but because the result is below 1/2 then you only win half of your bet, which is 1,000.

Example 2:

  • C VS D = 2-2
  • HANDICAP: 0.5 (means 1/2)
  • YOUR NOMINAL BET: On team A its 2,000
  • GOAL DIFFERENCES: total goals of your chosen team minus the total goals of the opposing team, 2 – 2 = 0

The last step because you are betting on the team that gives the handicap, the goal difference minus the handicap, 0 – 1/2 = -1/2

The final result is -1/2 because minus means you lose and because the result of the count is 1/2 or above then you completely lose your bet, which is 2,000.

Example 3:

  • E VS F = 0-0
  • HANDICAP: 1 (means 1 ball)
  • YOUR BET NOMINAL: On team E for 2,000
  • GOAL DIFFERENCE: the total goals of your chosen team minus the total goals of the opposing team means 0-0 = 0

The last step, because you are betting on the team that gets the handicap, the goal difference is added to the handicap you get, 0 + 1 = 1

The final result is 1 which means you win your bet and because the result of the count is 1/2 or above then you win all your bets which are 2,000.

Dismantling The Right Tricks To Win Soccer Gambling

Dismantling The Right Tricks To Win Soccer Gambling

Soccer gambling is one of the most adrenaline-pumping gambling games because of its excitement. How not, soccer gambling is the only gambling game that we can play simultaneously while watching a soccer match.

Unlike other gambling games, soccer gambling is played using the original data of running matches and there are no openings for cheating in soccer gambling games. This is what causes soccer gambling to be more popular among other gambling games. But even though it is very popular and has countless numbers of players, soccer gambling is considered one of the games that is very difficult to win by online bettors, this is because not all online bettors play daftar sbobet using the right tricks to win soccer gambling. Many bettors who play based solely on feelings or place bets with tantalizing odds, even though to win soccer gambling requires a precise strategy to predict the team that will come out as the winner.

The Right Strategy to Win Soccer Gambling

As a fellow soccer gambling lover, I will help you to win online soccer gambling. But that does not mean I will give prediction ball predictions. I will give something better than ball predictions, namely the right strategy to win soccer gambling.

The strategy that I will share is very easy to understand and you can immediately apply it to live online betting as long as you understand the important points.
Some of the important points are:

Play at 1 × 2 Fulltime.

Bet 1 × 2 or better known as Home X Away is the easiest type of bet to play in online soccer betting. You only need to guess which team will win in the match and don’t have to worry about the total goals scored in that match. The team that is underdog will be very clear in this type of bet because the more underdog the team is, the smaller the odds are.

The downside of this 1 × 2 bet is the small nominal winnings you get. because it is very easy to play, the results obtained are also very small so you need more patience in playing this game.

Pay attention to Value and which team gives Voor

Giving voor means giving additional points to the opposing team. This often happens in big team matches that host less popular teams or teams that are underdogs against teams that are underdogs. To balance the game, the voor system is applied.

You must also pay attention to the value of this Voor before deciding to bet because this voor can determine whether you win or lose in soccer gambling. If the voor value looks odd or odd, it is highly recommended that you do not place bets in that match because the course of the match will be difficult to predict unless you are sure that the team you will support will give you victory.

Matches Complete Information on Teams that will Compete

Playing without knowing the condition of a team is a very risky thing and you must avoid it because it is the same as wasting your money for nothing. We recommend that before you place a bet on a team, look for as much information about the team that will compete. Information such as the formation to be used, the condition of the players and the stadium where the match takes place will be a powerful weapon for you to give an assessment to the team that you will support.

Looking for a more predictable match

Some matches where big teams face small teams there is the possibility of fielding a second tier team. The team will save its star players for more important matches. This is often done ahead of a big match or event. You must be able to predict the condition of the team whether to play insistently or just go through the match without chasing victory. Here it is somewhat easier to guess the result, we just have to re-examine the handicap market opened by the dealer.

Those are some of the right strategies for winning soccer bets that you must pay attention to and master to help you win victory in online soccer betting betting.

For sites that provide the most complete match schedules, I would highly recommend that you visit the Online Football Betting Game site because this site always provides a very complete match schedule for big leagues and minor leagues.


Tips for choosing the right soccer gambling site

Tips for choosing the right soccer gambling site

Choosing the right soccer gambling site for you is something you must do if you want to get a sense of comfort in playing online soccer gambling. With so many online soccer gambling sites circulating today, you will definitely find it a little difficult to decide which site you will use as a place to play soccer gambling.

Well, in this article, I will discuss tips on tips that you can use as a benchmark for choosing an onelin soccer gambling site that matches the criteria for the soccer gambling site you want. Here are some steps you should know when choosing an online soccer gambling site.

Steps to Choose an Online Football Gambling Site

The first step you have to do is very easy, ask your friends who like to play agen bola terpercaya. Your friend will definitely recommend a site where he plays soccer betting.

But don’t jump right into your friend’s invitation. We recommend that you visit the site first and judge for yourself whether the site matches the criteria you want. Don’t forget to ask your friend the number of wins that have been obtained and whether your friend is satisfied with the site where he is currently playing.

The second step you have to do is visit a gambling forum or join the online soccer gambling community on social media. This second thing will really help you find the online soccer gambling site you want.
By joining the online soccer gambling community, not only will you get online gambling recommendation sites, you can also get soccer predictions and even parlay tips for free.

The third step to finding a trusted soccer gambling site is by digging in-depth information to find out which of the best sites are on the internet. Information can be found by conducting regular searches and directly selecting several site addresses that have been found on the internet. The best service and excellent facilities will certainly be found when doing a search. Just buy a site that provides a maximum service for 24 hours non-stop, as well as the best facilities in terms of banking and transaction tools. Playing with soccer gambling sites will of course make the game easier to run. In addition, the opportunity to enjoy the game comfortably will also be obtained from all the various types of games available in it.

So, those are tips that you can use as a reference for finding the right online gambling site for you. You need to know that playing on sites that match your criteria can help you win in every online soccer gambling bet you play.


How to Cheat to Win the Parlay Ball

How to Cheat to Win the Parlay Ball

Parlay, all online soccer gambling players must be familiar with this popular type of bet or even all soccer gambling players must have tried this game. The reason is simple, because this game can be played with a small capital and have the opportunity to win a very large amount of money.

But to win parlay bets is not easy. It is proven that many soccer gambling players have experienced big losses and losses because of playing this parlay soccer gambling. But did you know that there is actually a pretty sneaky way you can use to get victory in playing parlay soccer gambling? and these methods you can learn easily and for free.

Powerful Tricks to penetrate the parlay

When playing daftar judi bola, you can say that we are trying to have a luck / hockey match between the player and the dealer.

However, the hockey factor has a very minimal effect in determining the victory of the players.

Sometimes it takes a special strategy or method that needs to be applied so that we can win playing the type of game we like.

  • The way we play plays an important role in determining the victory we want to achieve.
  • The choice of playing technique largely affects the results we will get.
  • This includes when you bet on the sportsbook type of game.
  • Mix parlay is a type of game choice in soccer betting.
  • When you play on a website that provides this type of online gambling game, you need a powerful strategy to win.
  • The following is a Mix Parlay Cheating Method that is rarely known by bettors.
  • But it has proven to be very effective in producing victories for the players who apply it.

Looking for Team Info that will Compete

The thing that you must know before placing a parlay bet is to find information about the teams that will compete. This is very important to do if you are really serious about winning the parlay. By having information on the teams that are competing, you can easily guess which team is superior and which team is performing poorly.

Small Team Is Not Sure To Lose

When we bet football, we don’t always stay away from the small team from the betting list.

Why is that?

The reason is very simple, when we play soccer gambling, it is not the final score for the team that wins.

Especially in the mix parlay, what determines whether we win or lose is whether the final score of the match meets the existing voor’an requirements.

Therefore, keep the mind that the team that is seeded should be selected on the list.

Not as long as it’s true.

Soccer Prediction

If you are a true soccer gambler, surely you are no stranger to soccer match predictions. “”
You can try using ball predictions that you can get for free on the internet.

Play safe

High Risk High Gain is the motto in parlay gambling, the more teams you install, the greater the winnings you can get, but your chances of winning are getting smaller.

Therefore, in order to avoid losing in the parlay, you should start playing with the smallest bet nominal first and start adding bets gradually.


This is the article about the sneaky way to win the parlay that you can try to apply directly.
Hopefully the tips I share can help you in winning parlay gambling.