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Welcome to the official idwin777 gambling site, the most complete online slot gambling site that provides various types of slot game variations with 24-hour online playing services. As the most complete and trusted gambling site in Indonesia, idwin777 does not only provide real money online slot games. However, the trusted slot agent idwin777 also provides other interesting real money online gambling games besides slots. Like by presenting a trusted online soccer gambling game, the most complete live online casino such as sic bo online, trusted online dice, trusted online baccarat, to real money online roulette.

All online gambling games on idwin777 can be played easily with access via any device. The reason is, all gambling games on this best gambling site already support all types of devices. So, players can play via PC, laptop or even through devices that make it easier, such as via an Android device. As a trusted online slot gambling site 2020 and still showing its existence until now in 2021, this 24 hour online gambling site does not only provide complete games, but we have also equipped it with various attractive bonus features that can ensure every bettor is more productive in looking for profits through play online gambling.

Idwin777 as a trusted online gambling site as well as a collection of trusted slot gambling sites in Indonesia, the quality of every game we present is of course always safe and smooth to access. Especially because any type of online gambling game on this online slot site has used the best gambling servers where the quality is no longer in doubt. It is only natural for judi slot as a trusted and most complete online slot agent to facilitate members with capable game features, as well as alternative games with complete types of bets.

With the many available alternative gambling games that are very complete and reliable, it will make the atmosphere of playing online gambling on the idwin777 agent site not monotonous. Because, if the player has had enough with one type of online gambling game, then each player can choose another type of online gambling game to play and no less interesting. Here we share some information about the best and most comprehensive types of online gambling games available on the best and most trusted slot gambling site number 1 idwin777, including below.

Official Online Slot Gambling Site

Online slot games are the best gambling game genre available on the online gambling site idwin777, where the games are the easiest to play. In addition to the strategy for how to play, the luck factor of each bettor in playing this slot gambling can also determine whether a player wins or not. However, if you play on the idwin777 agent site, you can be sure that you will easily find good luck here through online slot gambling games.

On the other hand, online slot gambling games have been presented by several well-known gambling providers. You can find various slot game providers at this trusted online slot agent idwin777. Every best and biggest slot game provider, of course, will give players a winrate or a very large win rate.

  • Pragmatic Play slotsPragmatic play is a well-known online slot game gambling platform which has long contributed to providing the most revolutionary slot game products. You can find various types of slot games from this pragmatic play company on trusted online gambling sites like the newest online slot site idwin777.
  • Yggdrasil SlotYggdrasil as a gaming slot provider that has quality products is always consistent in creating slot products that suit the needs of today’s bettors. Every bettor can enjoy various big benefits such as progressive jackpots through complete and best games from YGGDRASIL which are very complete.
  • Spadegaming SlotsSpadegaming is the largest and well-known slot gambling company that has been established by various trusted parties in their fields. Therefore, it’s no wonder every type of slot game product from spadegaming is of very good quality and makes this spadegaming company the largest software developer in Asia and even throughout the world.
  • RTG (Real Time Gaming) SlotRTG slots is an online slot game provider that has been operating for a long time in the Asian region where it has contributed greatly for approximately 20 years. If you want the latest slot game innovation, then the right choice is the RTG slot.
  • Flow Gaming SlotFlow Gaming is devoted to presenting slot game and casino products which are tailored to the needs of the Asian market, including Indonesia.
  • MicrogamingIf you are a fan of slot games, you must be familiar with the name microgaming. Basically, microgaming is a provider of casino and slot gambling software. The advantage of microgaming is none other than the existence of slot games with progressive jackpots.
  • Playtech online slotsThrough the most sophisticated and more modern slot game schemes, all types of online playtech slot games are indeed interesting to play. Playtech slot itself has won a lot of trust from various parties that dominate the online gambling site market in Indonesia.
  • Joker123Here it is, one of the slot game developers whose games are often played by many bettors in Indonesia. Dismaping presents joker gaming slot games, online gambling site idwin777 also presents fish shooting gambling games along with live casinos which are indeed popular from joker123.
  • Habanero slotsThe habanero slot is one of the many slot game providers that have slot machine game products like Fa Cai Shen who is familiar in Asia or Europe. Even though it was only founded in 2012, its innovations are able to compete with other slot gambling platforms.
  • PGSoftPGSlot or known as Play’n Go is the first slot game producer which has long had an official license and operating license by trusted parties. This PGSoft slot game has a more attractive game system.
  • Slot CQ9CQ9 is a slot gambling company which has expert workers who design slot games with many advantages. Starting in terms of game appearance and graphics that are more attractive, and done in a really mature calculation. So that various slot game products that support various types of devices were created.
  • OneTouch SlotOneTouch slot games have advantages and have good game mobility for mobile devices. So that the results can make it easier for players to play via Android or iOS devices.
  • Slot88Among the various existing slot game providers, Slot88 is the gaming slot provider that is made by the newest best slot site idwin777.

Playing Slots at Pennsylvania Online Casinos: what you need to know

If you’re a fan of online casino games, you’ll no doubt want to know which casinos give you the best odds of winning. Playing exciting casino games is fun by itself, but nothing beats the thrill of landing big wins either on slots or table games. If you’re a new player, it also helps to find out which games are going to be the easiest to play and payout the best.

There are lots of PA casino sites out there, which offer thousands of different games. We’ve examined all the games on offer to create this guide. Here you’ll learn about casino game odds and discover the best PA casino games.

Understanding Online Casino Game Odds

Before we get started on showing you the games with the best odds, it’s first important to learn about casino game odds. First off, all online casino games (aside from live games) use RNG to determine the outcome of the games. RNG stands for “random number generator,” and it’s how casino games remain 100% fair.

Each spin of the reels, roll of the dice, or hand is a randomly selected outcome. Because of this, online casino games are completely fair and can’t be influenced in any way. Any legal online casino must show that its games are tested and fair before it can be licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

One can also measure casino games for their return to player rate (RTP). This is a measure of how much the game will payout if played for an infinite amount of time. Although it doesn’t give you an exact amount of how much you can win, it does give you an idea of your chances.

An RTP rate is measured situs slot gameplay as a percentage out of 100%. Generally, the higher the number, the better. Some games with high RTP rates, however, pay out small amounts frequently, whereas others pay out big amounts less frequently.

Table Games with the Highest RTP

Table casino games are classic games like Blackjack and Roulette. These tend to have higher RTP rates than other casino games, but payouts are usually a smaller amount. Here are the PA table casino games with the best RTP rates:

Blackjack – Blackjack is a classic card game where the aim is to beat the dealer without going over twenty-one. It’s a highly popular game that can be found at any good PA online casino. One of the reasons why Blackjack is so popular is the fact that it has a very high RTP rate. Most versions of the game will be around 99%, but some online versions can even get to 99.9%. Unlike some casino games, Blackjack involves a lot of strategies, so make sure you know the rules before you start.
Video Poker – Most online casinos will offer some variant of Video Poker. The exact rules and RTP of the game will depend on the variation and casino you’re using. Some variations, like “Jacks or Better Full Pay,” can have an RTP rate of 99.54%. Check the RTP and rules before you play in the game details.

Slot Games with the Highest RTP

Online slots generally have lower RTP rates than table games but payout bigger prizes. Here are some of the best PA slots with high RTP rates:

Blood Suckers – This vampire hunter themed slot combines simple gameplay with interesting graphics and animations. There are also plenty of unique bonuses and special features on offer. Blood Suckers has an RTP rate of 98% and low volatility, meaning it pays out often but with smaller rewards.
Wolfpack Pays – This online slot may not be as exciting or as modern looking as some other games, but it certainly pays well. The game has an RTP rate of 97.75%, and its volatility is medium to low. Each win you land can unlock consecutive free spins and introduce wilds to help you land bigger wins.

Types of Slingo Games Available

There are different available Slingo games you can enjoy and some of them include the following:

Slingo Centurion

This version features a Roman theme that follows the general layout, but packs in extra features that help to complete lines. Such are presented by the Centurion slot’s titular character who emerges from the hiding place to the grid’s right part and blows the trumpet to award various bonuses. These may include Jokers, matching numbers or Free Spins. All of these will help you get to the top of the bonus ladder.

Slingo Cascade

When it comes to the overall structure, the Slingo games may differ but Slingo Cascade comes with a standard pattern. What makes it different is its dynamic ttg situs slot mechanic that doubles the number of wins available for grabs.

With its system similar to tumbling reels found in many online slots, the Slingo is actually blasted from the reels by the cannons, which form a part of the pirate theme that’s more on the vivid and bright side of a Pirate Gold slot. In addition to that, the Angel symbols may land on the reel that clears up to 5 numbers from your card, which adds to the winning potential in this sling game.

Slingo Monopoly

This game has some original features, starting with the fact that you may set the winning potential and length of every gameplay round. It’s achieved by choosing which classic game piece you want to use. Like Slingo Cascade, Slingo Monopoly has systems in place that can complete Slingo theoretically in a faster manner. There is also a usual prize ladder in this online casino game, but to get cash prizes, you have to land on the Bonus Property or Free Parking.

Slingo Fortunes

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This Slingo game enables you to choose from various hidden cash values, which can impact your winnings directly. The only unique thing is that when it comes to Slingo Fortunes, it is the lucky red envelopes and you have to open them rather than the boxes.

Once you cross off your card’s completed lines, the standard is that you’ll move up your prize ladder. Doing so come in multipliers to the totals that are hidden within the envelopes and ability to get offers for your envelope, which can be available after forming 4 Slingos. You may reject the offer and continue playing or open your envelope instead. The available maximum prize in this game is 1000X of your chosen stake.

Slingo Riches

The most essential thing with Slingo Riches is that it set the mold from which other Slingo games were created. It’s surprising that the top prize is much higher compared to some Slingo games with approximately 200x on stake. Every round basically lasts a total of 11 spins as the standard, which is higher than most installments and may be increased if you get Free Spins symbols.

In today’s online casino world, Slingo games are one of the hottest and latest phenomena. They have the versatility, which will surely continue their popularity and growth in many years to come. With the different Slingo games available, there are lots of options you can try. Whether you love slots or bingo, Slingo games can take you to a whole new level of a fun experience.

The History of Slingo Games: What Are They and What You Can Play

Bingo and slot machines are so popular that it led to the creation of Slingo. Basically, Slingo is a combination of the traditional bingo and a slot machine.

Originally, the idea of Slingo was created by a businessman in New Jersey. In 1996, it was launched officially on the AOL platform and became a huge hit. One of the reasons behind its fame is that it’s exceptionally appealing and easy to play.

What to Know about Slingo Games

Slingo games in casinos like Pink Casino enable players to play in an environment online that combines a lot of aspects of the 75-ball bingo game with the usual features of slot machines. The main game environment contains a 5×5 number grid that features slot reels placed below.

Slingo is more akin to traditional bingo, so the gameplay screen looks similar to the bingo game situs judi slot card’s layout. During the action, there’s a space on every reel of a slot machine in the row that remains visible to players at the screen’s bottom part.

Slingo was originally released in a trial version as a free to play game. However, with its popularity, it’s now possible to play Slingo games for real money like most slot games.

How to Play Slingo Games
It’s very simple to play Slingo games. If you have experience in playing slots or bingo, then you’re already halfway there. Even if you haven’t played Bingo or slots before, you can easily pick up on how to play Slingo because it’s so easy to learn.

Slingo games start once you spin the slot reel that’s typically found at the screen’s bottom. Basically, there are a total of 20 spins for every Slingo game, but make sure that you check it out before you begin playing. The concept is that you’re spinning the reel and the numbers on the reel are the numbers you may check off on a card with a Bingo style.

Sometimes, it’s possible for your reel’s 20 spins to correlate to every number on your card and it can result in a cash prize. Although it’s rare, once it happens, it’s exciting and will surely give you so much fun.

How to Win at Slingo
When playing Slingo games, the aim is simple like in some of the best slots in Vegas and it is to get as many points as possible. You should also accumulate points as fast as possible, which may be done in various ways like the way you do with Bingo and slot games. Being aware in such ways can increase your chances to win. However, make sure that you start in the best position to win.

Even if you’ve played Slingo games before using a different style, it’s still best to know the winning techniques. This is especially true if you’ve played in a different casino site online. It’s because there are ways in which games vary and it’s best that you don’t fall behind.

New RegulationsDelaware Casinos Open Slowly

Delaware casinos have reopened to players after months of lockdown.

Casino operators are aiming to follow suit with the rest of the world by taking on a ‘new normal’, with increased safety procedures for all guests.

All 600-plus employees at Delaware Park were tested for COVID-19 before the casino reopened at the start of June.

President Bill Fasy said: “It’s been overwhelming how many people have been so happy they can get tested.”

The testing was not part of Delaware’s reopening requirements, but the casino decided to go ahead to guarantee safety for its customers and staff.

Delaware Park employee Melanie Chamberlin said: “There’s going to be some challenges (coming back to work).

“I’m a little uneasy considering the situation, but just trying to have a positive attitude.”

CEO of Twin River Worldwide Holdings, Inc., which owns Dover Downs, spoke of the casino’s new safety measures in a letter to guests.

Before entering casinos, all guests and staff members are now scanned with fever-detecting thermal cameras.

Gambling revenue in the state came to a complete stop for land-based casinos when the coronavirus lockdown was announced mid-March. Dealers put their cards down and well-loved slot machines were turned off for two months.

Fasy said Delaware Park is predicted to end 2020 in a loss as its revenues slipped by some 40%.

He said the casino didn’t believe it would even make a profit through its first ten days of being reopened due to new safety restrictions and lack of gaming options for players to try their luck.

The state’s Phase One guidelines limited casino occupancy to a mere 30%. Table games were not opened in the first phase, meaning casinos were relying on income from socially distanced gaming machines.

Slot machines were to be kept at least eight feet apart and disinfected at least every 2 hours.

The state entered Phase Two of reopening on June 15, operating at a maximum occupancy of 60%. Additional slot machines were turned on and some table games were restarted with clear screens to protect guests and staff.

Casino hotels have situs slot simpleplay also reopened at 60% occupancy and some eateries have begun offering food and drink again for shorter hours. Valet, hotel fitness rooms and pools remain unavailable. The new phase has left casinos a little more hopeful about potential revenue, as they no longer have to rely on their best gaming machines alone.

Employees on hand to manage social distancing on the casino floor by stopping customers from congregating. Extra cleaners are on hand to keep the casino floor and slot machines as safe as possible. Despite this, just 40% of staff have returned to prevent further spread of the virus.

Fasy said Delaware Park was planning for a post-COVID situation where players did not touch chips. He added: “Not every table game player is going to like it, but it’s going to be safer for everyone.

“We all don’t know what it’s going to be like in six months or if there’s a recurrence, but I’m confident in the customer having the enthusiasm to return.”

Some casinos are looking into cashless gambling, allowing players to bet by card or a casino app. Others are exploring technology that will tell cleaners when it is time for a slot machine to be cleaned.

The Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission has allowed Delaware Park to conduct 65 days of live racing between June 17 and October 17. Spectators will not be allowed at Delaware Park, Harrington Raceway, or Dover Downs during the races to keep the environment as safe as possible.

The state’s coronavirus hospitalization levels are now at their lowest since mid-April, giving Delaware the chance to reopen slowly.

Do People Take Part in Money Laundering Using Online Slots?

Money laundering seems like a pretty far-fetched idea for most who work hard for a living and gambling online simply for the fun of it. However, the black market of the global drug trade is everywhere. Whether you notice it or not, this undercover, illegal industry rakes in billions of dollars every year without making a peep. Now, there’s worries those in the drug trade could be using online slots to launder illegal money.

Gambling is considered a legal form of income, meaning any money deposited and later withdrawn is considered ‘clean’. This money can be legally deposited into any bank and used for other transactions. However, have new casino situs slot rtg policies made it more difficult for criminals to launder money, and is money laundering via online slots something that happens often?

Is money laundering via slots possible?
In theory it is possible, though it isn’t the most straightforward method of moving money around. The first potential drawback would be online casino deposit procedures, as many can detect dirty money and stop it filtering into their site.

However, as more and more casinos offering online slots start to embrace cryptocurrency, criminals could soon be getting money into sites faster and easier than ever before. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated, meaning they are very easy for criminals to use without detection.

Other methods
Chip Dumping has also been known to help criminals clean illegal cash. This occurs in games of online poker – one or more players in a game will purposely lose to another or transfer all their chips to one player.

Criminal gangs tend to make this easier by sitting in a room together and working with one another to play the odds to their advantage, or simply by deciding on a winner before the game starts. Players with good hands simply fold and players with weak hands lose to organize an intended win. Once all chips are with one player, they can then cash out clean money.

The truth is, money laundering through online slots and poker focuses more on the act of depositing money than anything else. Most organizations won’t even play their cash on online sites. Instead, the main aim is to deposit the money then take it out at a later date as if it were online slot earnings. This then effectively ‘cleans’ the money.

Understand that higher RTP means you can win more

Slots with higher RTPs have low house edge and pays more often. Hence, when making your choice, go for slots that have higher RTPs. You have more chances of winning with such slots.

To know the RTP of slots, you can check the info option on that slot. You can also check if the casino has more information concerning that slot. If you do not find the RTP after checking on the casino you want to play, simply search on google can help you get.

There are several casino sites and affiliates that review slot games. These sites will list out the RTP and other important elements of the game. Check those reviews to situs slot spadegaming find out the RTP of the slot. To get the best RTP, always look for something around 96% and above.

Consider other factors along with the RTP
The RTP of a slot is not the only factor that determines how often a slot pays out. If you make consideration of these factors with the RTP, it will be easier to choose a good slot. One of those factors is the slot volatility.

The volatility of slots works hand in hand with the RTP. It is the determining factor of how often a slot pays out and how big the payouts can be. It is also called variance on some sites.

Slots volatility is usually described as high, medium, or low. High volatility means the slot will pay high prizes but not frequently. Medium volatility means it will pay moderate wins from time to time while low volatility means it pays frequently but only small prizes.

You may also be interested in reading the following articles:

RTP on online slots: how do they work?

One of the factors that determine how much one can win from online slots is the RTP. This is why it is so important to understand RTP and how you can use it to your advantage. This understanding can enjoy slot games and increase your chances of winning. Hence, you need slots with good RTPs. You can make the most of the newest slots with best RTP as ranked on

What is RTP?
RTP is simply a “return to player” rate in full. It is the average amount of money that is gotten back by players over a particular period.

Online slots have different RTP and it determines how much you can win from them. Most slots feature an RTP of between 92% to 97%. When a slot RTP is 96% or more situs slot microgaming, it is considered as a slot with a good RTP. A slot that has higher RTP will return more to you than a slot with low RTP.

The House edge is the opposite of RTP. As the RTP goes to the player, the house edge goes to the casino. Simply put, the house edge is the advantage the casino has over the players. So, if a slot has an RTP of 97%, the house edge of that slot is 4%.

Let’s look at it in monetary terms. For example, let’s say you choose to play a slot with an RTP of 97%. For every $100 you stake on that slot, you are likely to win back $97 over the period. This doesn’t mean you win $97 on every spin. It is calculated over a period of about 100,000 spins or more.

So, how can you take advantage of your knowledge of RTP?

5 Best Slot Games to Try Out Online in 2020

Buffalo Slots

Buffalo slots is one of the most popular slot games of all time and one that you will find in almost every land based casino across America. With this in mind, the popularity of the online version should come as no surprise and this buffalo slots review should back this up.

Since 2012, this slots game has grown even further in popularity and gained many first time fans in the process. With excellent graphics and fun gameplay, you can expect a very entertaining experience.

Although the online version includes some familiar favorites such as Buffalo Stampede situs slot cq9, Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Grand, each one looks somewhat different online which is largely thanks to the incredibly impressive software behind the games.

Bottomline: Buffalo slots is one of our top picks for online slots in 2020.

Mega Moolah
Mega Moolah is not only one of the most popular online slots but also one of the best slots in Vegas. When you begin playing this online slot, you will find all kinds of African wildlife lurking in the grass and this tension is combined with certain rewards and spins that bring genuine excitement to the game. What’s more, there is an immense jackpot and last year, such jackpot payouts added up to more than $70 million which is more than any other online slot. Featuring five reels and twenty five lines, the game consists of four jackpots and a wheel of fortune style bonus game. During this bonus game, the player is guaranteed some kind of win and the overall playing experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

Hall of Gods

Another progressive video slot game is Hall of Gods which features twenty pay lines and five reels. When you spin the reel for this game, you take on the life of a “Norse warrior” which adds a very fun element to the game. From this point onward, you confront multiple Gods and encounter thunder and lightning which act as a sign of things to come. Hall of Gods is also compatible for laptops and the visual experience along with fine audio make this one of the best online slots in 2020.

Starburst is filled with fun features, mixed gameplay and outstanding graphics. As if that’s not enough, the audio and fast-paced action really bring this game to life in a way that can feel more than just a little exciting. In many ways, this is like a mix between online slots and arcade, while the easy-to-understand system makes it a good option for beginners. It’s also six years old which means you have old school symbols and themes but the truth is, this brings added nostalgia and fun at every turn. With free spins and bonus games, you can also expect the usual features that come with most of the best online slots.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune is one of the best-known land based casinos but also an increasingly popular online slot game. Featuring many of the same features as the television program, this slot is highly interactive and obviously involves the very fun process of spinning that attractive wheel. While many modern online slots have similar features and use a wheel similar to Wheel of Fortune, it must be said that nothing can substitute for the nostalgia and simplicity that you will find with the original.

5 Things You Should Know About Online Gambling Laws in Norway

Gambling is “mostly” illegal in Norway. However, it’s not totally out of the picture for Norwegians. The fact that we said it’s “mostly” illegal should signify that there are ways citizens can play their favorite games.

It’s important that any gambling option in Norway has measures in place to combat problem gambling, avoids falling into financial problems, and prevents private firms from jumping on the profits.

It’s a strange situation.

The government and relevant authorities claim that their strict laws ensure that everyone can gamble responsibly. However, the number of people gambling in Norway is on the rise – it’s even the third biggest country for gambling in Europe.

If you’re planning a trip situs slot terpercaya to Norway and want to try your luck, it’s important you know exactly what you can and cannot do.

So with this in mind, here are five things you should know about the gambling laws in Norway.

1. The Gambling Laws Have Created A Monopoly
If you go to the likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, there are casinos of all shapes and sizes all competing for your business. But in Norway, the entire industry is controlled by Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping.

Norsk Rikstoto is responsible for horse racing, while Norsk Tipping is responsible for sports betting, lottery games, keno, and other games.

Both these companies are owned by the state and the rules of play, service time, limits and more are all set by the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs.

2. Foreign Businesses Can’t Get Involved
The Norweigan gambling laws allow you to host your own private gambling party, provided that it’s run as a not-for-profit event. But if you want to play a game for real money, the only way this is possible is with Norsk Tipping’s offerings.

The state wants to keep all gambling-related activities under its arm with no interference from external parties. They’ve even introduced measures that prevent any foreign business from getting involved in this sector, despite the European Union condemning these actions.

For example, a law passed back in 2010 even went as far as to prevent banks from handling any gambling-related funds. Considering how banking is among the most important industries in today’s economy, it just goes to show the lengths the government will go to ensure control.

3. Slots Are “Banned” In Norway
If you thought that any of the previous points were interesting, then slots’ position will certainly tickle your tastebuds.

The best way to explain this is with a quick history lesson.

The 1995 Lottery Act allowed people to play the slots for real money, but at the time, the law didn’t anticipate the massive expansion of online gaming.

By 2004, slots were generating over NOK26 billion in revenue. In comparison, when the Lottery Act was introduced just 10 years prior, slots only generated NOK200 million in revenue.

Now, the original Lottery Act only specified that charitable organizations could offer slot machines to play. However, the law didn’t mention anything about private firms offering slots to such charitable organizations and pocketing a percentage of the profits.

When the state caught on to what was going on, lawmakers were forced to pass laws to take this control back, particularly on the slots.

Their first attempt in 2003 resulted in a legal battle with the slot companies, which ultimately failed, so it wasn’t written into Norwegian law. However, they got their way a few years later in 2007 by banning slot machines and replacing them with their own version.

Things didn’t go to plan though. The state’s version (video terminals) wasn’t as popular with Norwegians; they weren’t as user-friendly as the slots and they just weren’t as attractive.

The laws remain the same to this day, so technically speaking, slot machines are still banned in Norway. However, the laws used to shut down gambling in Norway weren’t expecting the huge expansion of online play.

Which leads to the next point…

4. Online Gambling Isn’t Covered By The Laws
Norway’s online gambling laws are strict, but they aren’t tough enough to cover online gaming. This means that people are heading to offshore online casinos like Slots of Vegas and Slots LV, which we have previously reviewed on our website, to play their favorite games without any government interference.

Since Norwegians are using offshore sites, the government recognizes the importance for new, effective laws. Further, with no land-based casinos in the country, it’s easy to see why the authorities are keen to get such laws through.

Reports suggest 80% of all those that play casino games or bet on sports in Norway play at an online casino or online sportsbook respectively. If you’re interested in a complete list of slots games and casinos available in Norway, check out

Since Norsk Tipping is responsible for casino games, they understand the importance of keeping players onshore and are offering progressive jackpots and other games in response.

It’s not having a great impact on the player base as of yet. Citizens know they can get a much better experience from an offshore site, as well as bigger prize pools and a wider selection of games.

5. You Can Gamble Legally in Norway
While the previous points may have suggested otherwise, it’s still possible to gamble legally in Norway, either at Norsk Tipping or via a licensed offshore site if it accepts Norwegian players.

If you decide to use an offshore site, just make sure its license is valid. Check that they have Norwegian services, allow you to play in NOK and they have a good customer support network. Once you know they’re a good place to play, feel free to play your favorite games legally.

Now, while the government cannot control who signs up to an offshore site, there are certain gambling requirements all players must meet:

Gambling winnings must be declared and pay the appropriate taxes
Players must be at least 18 years of age to gamble. However, there is no legal age on scratchcards.
Foreign firms are not allowed to advertise their own products or services.
Any Norwegian gambling company with business overseas can only advertise their products and services on the radio, TV, and magazines.

Neosurf Online Casinos: Everything That You Need to Know in Australia

Neosurf is a reputable online payment method for casino players. This method allows gamblers to make transactions securely at dozens of fully licensed online gambling platforms. And it offers different cash transfer services. There is the Neocash MasterCard, which was launched in 2018, and the Neosurf prepaid voucher. Many retailers all over the world have started accepting Neosurf as a payment method.

In the casino space, you can deposit real money instantly without going through any tiresome procedures with Neosurf. This is one of the main advantages if you consider how vital it is to effortlessly make payments when playing at gambling sites without worrying that your personal data and banking details will be exposed to third parties.

Neosurf prepaid card systems are one of the biggest in the world, and currently, there are approximately 140,000 outlets across Australia, North America, Europe, and Africa. So if you are looking for a convenient and simple way to fund your casino account and make withdrawals, Neosurf should be your final destination. Continue reading to learn more.

Where to Purchase Neosurf Voucher
Casino players located in states where online gambling is popular can purchase vouchers from authorized distributors or local shops. You can find these distributors on the Neosurf official website. Just visit the site and press situs slot pragmatic on Where to Find Neosurf and then provide the required details.

A window will pop up with a map that will help you find the closest distributors if there’re any. This is the first step before you can play at any trustworthy online gambling sites. Due to high demands, some distributors allow their customers to purchase online Neosurf prepaid codes.

In essence, Neosurf deposits allow gamblers to make instant payments online while their credit cards and information are protected. In simple terms, it is an additional layer of protection and security. If you purchase Neosurf vouchers online, this extra layer of security and protection is removed.

Why Play Marvel Slot Machines

Playing Marvel slot machine online is exciting. As a player, you get some fantastic rewards during the jackpot as well as regular rounds. Additionally, the Marvel slot machine are fun to play and offer the thrill that most gamers love. It is fun to interact with your favorite characters on the screen when playing. What makes the slots even more exciting to play are the top-notch graphics and plenty of bonuses that they come with.

Most casinos including those reviewed on smartcasinoguide offer generous promotions on the Marvel slot machine. When you join any of those gaming platforms, you will enjoy a welcome bonus, lots of ongoing promotions and VIP rewards. If slot machines are one of your favorite casino games, then you should try out Marvel slots from Playtech.

Other Software Companies that Develop Marvel Slots
Apart from Playtech, Cryptologic game situs judi xpg developer also creates Marvel slot machines. Both Playtech and Cryptologic develop these slot machines since they have licensing agreements with the Marvel Comics. Cryptologic was the first software developer to create and supply these fabulous slot machines to online casinos.

The slot machines from this developer were in line with the comic books but its license was not renewed when Disney took over Marvel. Playtech was the second software provider to offer Marvel slot machines. The company took the slots to a different level with 3D-quality animations and graphics, progressive jackpots and lots of unique features. Marvel slots from Playtech are hugely popular among casino players and available at any reputable online casino.

Final Thoughts
Now you do not need to spend a lot of time looking for the best Marvel slot machines as they are available at various online casinos. Just visit the site, pick a casino that meets your unique needs and create an account. With Marvel slots, you are sure to take your online gaming journey to a higher level.

The Best Online Casino Marvel Slots

Playtech has a wide range of online casino Marvel slot machines. And if you are looking to play only the best, then here are some of the titles that you can try out.

Thor, The Mighty Avenger
Based on the hit 2011 film, Thor is a thirty-payline and five-reel slot machine packed with lots of bonus features, including Wilds that activate re-spins, bonus spins played out on specific reels and a lightning re-spin with five random Wild symbols. The game is playable on different devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Also, you can play it for free at any recommended online gambling website. The good thing is that the free version offers all the features including a progressive jackpot situs judi gameplay. Currently, the slot machine has four jackpot prizes with the huge one being won monthly and the smallest claimed every few minutes.

Running since 2000, the X-Men movies follow a band of mutants trying to save themselves as well as the entire universe from various baddies. The X-Men slot machine has icons of all the main cast such as Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, Magneto and Wolverine. Additionally, it has Scatter and Wild symbols that make the game not only interesting to play but also rewarding. Similar to other slots, the X-Men game also has the free spins rounds which are famously known as Villains and Heroes. In Heroes round, the reels of the slot spin upwards, while the extra Wilds can bring more prizes. On the other hand, when the Magneto Wild icon appears on reels three, the game switches to Villains round. And should the Professor X Wild symbol appears on reel three, the game goes back to the Heroes mode.

The Incredible Hulk
If you love Bruce Banner and the unsightly monster that he transforms in, then The Incredible Hulk slot machine is a perfect game for you. Currently, there’re two versions of this slot machine that you can play online. One has 25 pay lines while the other comes with 50 pay lines.

The 25 pay line game is recommended since it features a higher RTP. In the game, the green face of Hulk assumes the role of the wild symbol. When the Wild lands on reels two, three and four, it completes a winning combination and provides players with a free spin. But if the Wild symbol ends up in the middle of the third reel, it’ll change into an expanding wild and cover the entire reel, providing gamers with two free re-spins.

Aside from free spins, the game also has a bonus round where gamers are required to smash any three out of the seven police car symbols to collect cash prizes. The slot machine is available for free as well as for real money online. So if you are looking for a Marvel slots casino, then the options available at the smart casino guide can be ideal for you.

3 Amazing Online Casino Marvel Slots You Should Know About in 2020

If you love playing online slot machines, then you’re familiar with the name Playtech. The game developer is one of the frontrunners of the gaming industry and over the years, the company has released a massive array of impressive titles that continue to delight slot enthusiasts with their state-of-the-art graphics and amazing features to this day.

The Marvel slot machines are one of these titles and they enjoy the greatest popularity among gamblers.

Over the years, Playtech has expanded its Marvel-based range of slots, adding more and more games to its popular series.

Currently, almost all the situs judi HoGaming favorite superheroes have their respective online slot machines, designed and developed by Playtech.

The casino software developer has dedicated separate and unique slot machines to characters such as Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, The Mutants From X-Men, The Avengers and Iron Man.

All the games are impressive when it comes to visual effects and boast various great features which are designed to render gamblers’ gaming sessions more rewarding and entertaining.

What is more, the software developer has optimized its Marvel-based slots for mobile gaming, enabling players to enjoy their favorite titles on portable gadgets running on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems.

Also, winning massive prizes that can entirely change your life is possible as the Marvel-based slot machines come with progressive jackpots.

These slot machines are available online. So whether you are looking to play the free versions or real money games, you will find an ideal casino for you. Read on to learn more.

Just Know that You Can’t Trick Online Slot Games

Ever since slots were established, many individuals started looking for ways to trick the games into giving them free cash. They tried various things, which range from tracking orders in which game symbols come up to manipulating the lever. Even if there were slight chances of tricking slots before, that is not the case today.

Slot machines have moved to the Internet, making it challenging to pull a scam. When spinning slot machines online, what you gamble with are Random Number Generator systems and specific Return to Player percentages. This means that your luck is the only thing that can determine whether you will win or lose. So, instead of looking for ways to trick online slots into giving you free cash, just enjoy playing your best games and win if you are lucky enough. Doing so will allow you to win big.

Try Jackpot Slot Machines
At the moment, there’re two types of jackpots that you can try out. They include local and network jackpots. Local jackpots are casino-specific, meaning the cash is generated from the gamblers playing a given game sbobet sicbo and at the same online gambling website.

When it comes to progressive or network jackpots, these are jackpots that pool money from gamblers at various participating sites. They come in different slot forms with a given number of gaming platforms working together to provide you with an ever-increasing jackpot.

Although the local jackpots offer smaller payouts, they are the best to play. This is because the chances of winning a jackpot are huge than when playing a progressive slot machine. But if your dream is to win one massive jackpot, then you should play progressive slot games.

Final Thoughts
Slot machines have gone a long way since gambling sites got online. There’ve never been more slot games available online and the graphics, pay lines, and reels among other features have never been better.

If you are planning to start playing slot machines, make sure that you have all the above tricks in your mind. With a little bit of luck, you will keep spinning the reels and winning big at recommended gambling sites by

Online Slots in South Africa: 5 Things To Consider

Online slot machines are one of the most played and popular casino games across the world. Massive jackpots, exciting gameplay, a fast pace, cool soundtracks, a wide range of options and fun themes are some of the main features that attract gamblers to slots. Similar to other gamblers, casino players want to increase their chances of winning at all costs.

With this in mind, there are endless slot tricks and tips out there. But the question is, which one of them is worth your time? Here are the best online slot machine secrets that gambling websites by do not want you to know.

Know Which Slot Machines Are Worth It

You will never win big if you play the wrong slot games. This is because not all slots are designed situs judi pragmatic play with massive payouts in mind. Currently, there are two types of slots, which include low and high volatility machines. If you are looking for massive wins, then high volatility games should be your go-to option. And if you love spinning the reels for several hours, then low volatility slots are ideal for you.

The second thing to put into consideration when choosing an online slot game to play is the RTP rating. An RTP indicates how much players can expect to receive from their initial stakes, and it’s therefore useful when browsing slot machines. Slots with an RTP of between 98 and 99% are exactly the kind of casino games you should look for if you are looking to win big.

However, there’s an exception to the rule; progressive jackpot slot games, which are the games that you need to play, usually have low RTPs. The main reason for this is that every losing spin increases the amount of the jackpot, and there’s only a single winning spin after a thousand or more tries.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses and promotions on slot machines. So if you want to increase your bankroll significantly, you should look for a site that offers not only a welcome bonus but also plenty of ongoing promotions.

If you are lucky enough, you will find a no deposit bonus that you can use to play your favorite slot games. Aside from a no deposit bonus, you can also enjoy a first deposit offer and other promotions for existing players. Most sites that offer real money slot machines also provide their customers with VIP rewards if they make deposits and play regularly.

Taking advantage of all these promotions will give you the chance to win significant amounts of real money. But before you can accept any deal, be sure to check if it has generous terms and conditions.

Play Free Slot Machines First
The best way to increase your chances of winning at slot machines is to play free games. These games will help you learn how to play and win at certain slots before you can play for real money. Luckily, gambling sites by have free slots, providing you with the opportunity to increase your bankroll.

Also, free games give you a chance to familiarize yourself with different slot features, including wilds, multipliers and pay tables. Additionally, you will get a chance to understand the odds and try out the bonus rounds. Overall, free games offer a perfect way to discover if a given slot machine is worth your time and money or not.

Bet Maximum on Slots

Many gambling sites advise their customers always to bet maximum. The reason behind this is that slot games allow you to bet on multiple pay lines when you place maximum bets. And this’s essentially true. But at the same time, it’s also vital to remember that with RNGs the chances of winning at slot games are the same whether you bet on single or multiple pay lines.

Placing maximum wagers will not boost the odds of winning. And you can still win when you place minimum bets. One thing that you should always remember is to gamble within the budget and set limits to ensure that you are betting responsibly.

5 things you should know about TV show-based slots games

Anyone that’s even somewhat familiar with casinos and gambling will know that slot machines are popular. They’re really easy to play and there’s potential to win massive prizes. There’s literally life-changing money at stake.

Among the most popular games these days are slot machines based on movies and TV shows. If you head to an online casino today, you’re more than likely going to find a handful that are set in some of the hottest shows in the world right now.

But do they add any extra value to the players? And should you consider playing them over traditional slots games?

Here are 5 things you should know about TV show-based slots games.

1. They’re Very Entertaining

Why do people watch TV? To be entertained.

They want to put their feet up and put the stresses of everyday life to one side, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

The same logic applies to casinos. Whether it’s online or in a land-based establishment, a lot of people want to just blow off some steam and have a good time.

So, in the eyes of game developers, it makes a lot of sense to combine the two industries and create a fun, engaging game .

Think about it this way: imagine you are a Game of Thrones fan and you were presented with two games that were identical in terms of the features and bonuses. One game was your standard machine with Lucky 7 and cherries, while the other was set in Westeros and had your favorite GoT characters in the palace of these symbols.

Which title would be more appealing?

You’d most likely chose the GoT themed game, right?

And that’s the point. Considering how much support TV shows like GoT receives (of course, there are many other TV shows out there with large fan bases), it’s easy to understand why developers want to partner up and bring amazing themed slots into gaming libraries.

2. They’re Familiar

When developers design slot machines, one of their main tasks is to create a story that keeps players interested in playing. With so many slot machines out there already, it can be tough to come up with something completely original all the time.

So, by partnering with TV shows, they no longer have to come up with their own storylines situs judi n2live. Instead, all they have to do is use the show’s.

This tactic has proven to be very successful, especially when the slot machine is based on a TV show that’s watched all around the world. Players will want to learn how to play so they can get in on the action.

It’s not just the biggest shows with the latest technology that make for an engaging, successful slot machine either. Classic shows that were popular back in the day also make for an excellent idea. Fans appreciate the chance to go down memory lane and enjoy the nostalgia.

Wheel of Fortune is an excellent example of this. The original show was on TV decades ago, but the slots version still proves to be a hit. People love having the chance to be a contestant and spin the wheel to win some great prizes. Are you interested in checking out the latest TV-based slot games? Check out the online slot options on

3. They Keep The Shows Relevant

Not all TV shows stay on air for more than a few years. There’s the rare exception, such as Friends, which is played every day on some channels. But when a gaming studio is allowed to create a title based on that TV show, it remains relevant in the public eye.

As long as players see it, no matter if it’s online or in their local land-based casino, they’ll remember how that show made them feel, making them more likely to play it.

There are all sorts of features that can attract them, such as having the show’s characters in place of the regular symbols, or having the backdrop set as a popular location. There’s also the theme music to consider. Imagine how amazing it would be to hear that theme tune again after all those years?

On the other end of the scale, having these TV show-based slots games available may make people who have never seen the show before go home and watch an episode or two – again keeping it relevant.

4. They Make Bank

Every TV show is created to make money. Sure, they may be created based on what the audience wants, but at the end of the day, it’s all about making as big of a profit as possible.

Looking at the developers point of view, when there’s an opportunity to make money more, they’re more than likely going to seize that opportunity with both hands. And that’s exactly what developers give to the producers of the show – another chance to make bank.

When a TV show becomes part of pop culture, it’s almost inevitable that the merchandise will follow, from t-shirts and mugs to notebooks and memorabilia.

So, when a developer comes along and wants to extend this even further by paying for licensing, you can bet they’ll be keen to listen to their offer.

5. They’re An Investment For Future Projects

All TV shows come to an end at some point. But producers are always thinking about the next big thing that can make their career. For example, they may want to make a spin-off or go in a completely new direction altogether and create something even more popular than their first project.

As such, they’ll try to hype up their new creation way before it actually launches.

By having a TV show slot machine based on their original project, they serve as a reminder of the producer’s past endeavors and help to drum up interest in their future work. It’s a lot easier to get fans engaged when there’s an ongoing project that continues along the same storyline.

There are plenty of advantages of TV show-based slot machines for all involved, from the players to the developers and the casinos. They won’t be going anywhere soon, that’s for sure. Expect to see more titles crop up in your favorite online site or local brick-and-mortar casino.

Lots of Options to Select From

Online gambling offers plenty of options to choose from. Maybe you started to play slots or video poker games on your favorite gaming website which introduced you to football or cricket betting, and currently, you cannot just get enough of online gambling. Many sports betting and online casinos open up a whole universe of options to their customers, providing different forms of gambling for games.

With plenty of casino games offering lots of unique features and extras that aren’t found in brick-and-mortar casinos, the massive variety of titles at online gaming sites also prevents gambling from becoming predictable and boring.

Any Individual Is Free to Join the Industry and Bet for Games
Brick-and-mortar casinos can be intimidating gambling destinations to visit. Luckily, the online betting community has helped address this issue by welcoming new punters and offering different types of support, including first link alternatif sbobetonline deposit bonuses and low wager amounts.

Additionally, there are lots of sites that provide dedicated players with useful information about online gambling as well as reputable platforms where they can join and place wagers comfortably.

All of the recommended sites have state-of-the-art customer services to help any new players who may need assistance. Also, most of them offer free versions of games, free bets and free spins to allow players to try out their services and games before they can make deposits and place real money wagers.

There’re All Sorts of Incentives and Prize Promotions
Almost all online gambling platforms, including casinos and bookmakers, offer generous bonuses and promotions, or other goodies. These help them keep their customers interested and possibly increase their bankrolls. In most cases, players will collect VIP/Loyalty points or get opportunities to participate in various tournaments, which provide them with cash rewards.

Regular players are sure to enjoy different VIP perks, including lightning withdrawals, tailored bonuses and promotions, birthday gifts and many more. As a punter, you will only enjoy all these goodies when you bet on your favorite casino games and sports.

A Massively Extended Gambling Market
The most exciting thing when it comes to betting on games and online gambling, in general, is the fact that it provides you with an unlimited number of markets to pick from. Traditional barriers no longer limit online betting, and it has enabled punters to have access to a massive array of betting markets both in casinos and sportsbooks.

With this in mind, you can play different types of games and place bets on both foreign and domestic sports. This sort of diversity enables all kinds of maneuvering in terms of discovering new opportunities and winning big. Additionally, there are in-play bets as well as a plethora of eSports that punters can explore.

Plenty of Online Tricks and Tips
Betting for games is not just for experts and professionals to enjoy. Even if you are a beginner, you can quickly get familiar with the realm of betting online by going through lots of pro tricks and tips that are easily available on the Internet.

There’s a wealth of information on different winning strategies and tips that can help you identify risky bets. With this mind, it means that all types of players can bet on games and win. And that is why betting for games is popular.

Betting for Games is Rewarding
Most individuals are looking to utilize their knowledge of specific games and sports and earn some money with it. And betting on games is the only way through which they can achieve this. Even if they don’t have enough funds, they will find online gambling sites that offer a lot of no deposit bonuses, including free bets and free spins.

These bonuses not only allow players to try out new games and sites, but they also offer real money rewards. Every type of bet is rewarding, be it small or large. However, if you want to win big money rewards, then you must place huge bets.

Final Thoughts
Betting for games has been more popular in the last five years, and the number of gamblers is still increasing. This shows that the betting and gambling industry will only continue to grow. If you love betting and looking for a reputable site, then SmartBettingGuide should be your next destination. This site features some of the best gambling platforms in the market. Visit it today to learn more and possibly take your online gambling journey to another level.

Gambling Advertising in Germany Has Tripled in the Last 5 Years

Money spent on marketing for the gambling industry in Germany has tripled over the last five years. Marketing analysis outfit Research Tools has released a study claiming that a huge €401 million (USD$439.6M) was spent on gambling advertising between May 2018 and 2019.

Despite lacking a permanent gambling treaty in all but one state, online gambling has accounted for a €70 million (USD$70.7M) increase.

Sports betting took 20%, while state lotteries accounted for 25%.

Around 64 companies in the country promote themselves on a monthly basis, which the study claims is 35% higher than the number at the start of the testing period.

80% of the money was spent on television advertising, much of it considered illegal by the local government.

Of the 64, 12 gambling operations spent more than €10 million (USD$10.9M) on advertising over the year. Eight of those annually increase their spending.

Wunderino and Unibet increased their advertising budget the most over the May 2018/19 year. The five biggest spenders made up half of the €401 million (USD$439.6M) spent overall.

Between 2008 and 2012, gambling was declared illegal by the federal government apart from Schleswig-Holstein, which legalized it in an act of defiance.

The country’s online gambling market is currently stuck in no-man’s-land, with a trial phase currently being undertaken which will allow casino operators to apply for interim online sports betting licenses by January next year.

These licenses will only be valid situs judi playtech for 18 months until July 2021, when it is hoped that 16 German states will reach an agreement on whether online gambling should be legalized completely.

Every year, new gambling licenses are issued for Schleswig-Holstein only.

The new treaty will have to be approved by the European Commission.

Gambling organizations are already taking a hit in the country after Paypal was ordered to cut off gaming payments in the country.

The payment company has introduced a new set of terms, which will take effect on October 21.

The new terms of service restrict ‘offers that are not legal in your respective whereabouts, including some online gambling offers.’

Companies in Schleswig-Holstein were the only ones to hold online casino licenses in the country until they expired earlier this year.

Around 12 resorts were fully operational; they hope to reopen in January 2020 when licenses are issued elsewhere.

The German Sports Betting Association has since urged state leaders to ‘continue the negotiations on a fundamental reform of German gambling regulation’, and has said the new agreement ‘does not solve the structural deficits’ of the previous one.

Despite the volatile situation, gambling remains a huge market for the country – its gross gaming revenue came in at €14.2B (USD$15.6B) in 2018, according to The Handelsblatt Research Institute, while the illegal market is said to be worth between €4B and €22B (USD$4.4-$24B).

Almost 200,000 people worked in the industry in Germany in 2018 and it is thought that as more casinos gain new licenses in 2020, these numbers will increase alongside even more spending on marketing.

One NJ Online Player Makes $1 Million Online With One Spin at Golden Nugget

An NJ man has won $1 million on a single spin playing an online video slot game.

Scotty W, from Bridgeton, was playing the game on Golden Nugget Online Casino when he suddenly scored big.

The man won the money playing Pillars of Asgard, according to a casino news release. He was said to have started playing online when his holiday cruise was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scotty said: “I can’t believe it. My week went from planting and gardening to winning a million dollars.”

The win is the largest online win on a non-progressive slot in the US since the NJ online casino market became regulated in 2012. The story has brought hope back to many who were

contemplating the legitimacy of online slots.

He had reportedly played the game for about an hour before hitting the bonus feature which brought him 23 free spins. The retrigger then went up to 55 free spins and the multiplier continued to rise until it hit a huge 25,000 against the odds.

Scotty plans to buy a home in Florida with the winnings for when he decides to retire.

It isn’t the first time he has won with the casino, either. Scotty is a regular with the Golden Nugget Online Casino and was the winner of a Ford Mustang giveaway back in August 2019. He really is a living example of how to work slots in your favor.

The online casino celebrated the win by giving away more than 100,000 free spins on the winning slot game. SG Digital’s Norse mythology-themed Pillars of Asgard was launched in April, offering one million ways to win. It has received fantastic slot reviews ever since.

CEO and owner of Golden Nugget Tilman Fertitta said: “I am thrilled to hear that one of our loyal online casino patrons has become an instant Million Dollar Winner in one life-changing spin. I look forward to congratulating him personally.”

Since the COVID-19 outbreak forced Atlantic City casinos to close in March, Golden Nugget has seen a 60% increase in online players. The site is currently the online casino permainan slot market leader in the state.

Though casinos across the country (including those in Vegas) have now started to reopen, Atlantic City is still waiting to be given the news.

It is thought that when casinos in the area finally reopen, customers will be met with strict health and safety protocols in order to play their favorite slot machines.

Back on April 1, another of Golden Nugget’s online players won $61,768 on Wolfpack Pays.

Other NJ casinos have also seen a huge surge in popularity with multiple players winning big. A Betfair Casino player has raked in $125,918.92 on the slot game Divine Fortune Touch, while a Borgata player has scored $109,675.95 on The Big One Mega Cash over the course of quarantine.

Meanwhile, the Online Finale Circuit Series wrapped up tournament number six on Monday night. The event -$100,000 GTD Online Finale Circuit Freezeout- had a $320 buy-in and a total prize pool of $125,700.

David “The Clubber” Larson topped the fame to win the first-place prize of $30,796 as well as a WSOP Circuit Ring and a spot in the online Global Casino Championship.

The next two online WSOP events include a $150,000 and a $100,000 guarantee at both a $1,000 and $215 buy-in. Events seven and eight will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.