5 Best Slot Games to Try Out Online in 2020

In the age of Coronavirus and social distancing, more and more people are turning to online slots games to have fun, pass the time or even try to make money online.

Nowadays, you can find slot games with just about any type of theme and these themes are quite often related to movies, television or entertainment. But what are the best online slots to try out in 2020?

In this article, we consider some of the best types of slot games and mention a few of the most reputable platforms on which you can enjoy these incredibly fun games slot deposit pulsa murah. But in order to pick out the best game for you, it might be worth considering the types of slots.

About the Types of Online Slot Games in 2020

As you may know, there are many types of online slots, from 3-reel and 5-reel slots to progressive slots, multipliers and mobile slots. While each one is quite different, there are still similar bonus games and jackpots with each game, and this variety makes online slots all the more interesting.

But that’s just part of the story…

For instance, online real money slots are recreations of the slot machines you find in a land based casino. 3D animated slots, progressive jackpot games and 3 reel classics are some examples of real money slots.

On the other hand, penny slots are played with one cent on each line but you should find that most games now require a minimum number of lines in order to spin. Just so you know, while people often assume a lot of money cannot be won with such a small investment, many players have won huge with penny slots.

Online Casino Review Sites

Online casino review sites are among the best tools in your arsenal for finding the best slots bonuses. They provide an overview of the entire site, such as the RTP figures and site history, so you get a good picture of what you’re signing up for.

One of the sections they’ll have will be dedicated to customer reviews. There’s almost a no better way to gauge what a casino is really like than getting experiences from previous players. The more positive the reviews, the more likely you’ll be able to trust that particular site situs slot playstar.

Online casino players are also just as good at pointing out the bad sites. They’re not afraid to let their feelings known if a casino does them dirty – and rightly so!

Bottom line: pay close attention to customer reviews. They provide real insights into what the casino is like. Or check out reputable online sources that regularly review accredited casinos to make sure they’re compliant with your country’s rules and regulations. I usually check out casinosites.bet before engaging with a casino, but different players have different preferences here.

Loyalty Programs
If you prefer to stick with a single casino, then you must check out their loyalty programs. These are an excellent way to see how they treat loyal players.

Such programs are full of exclusive perks that regular players can’t access. These can include all sorts of things, from the casino’s best slots bonuses to rewards on table games like roulette.

Get in touch with the casino’s support to see how their loyalty program will benefit you. The more you put in, the more you’re going to want to get out.

Be Aware Of Wagering Requirements
Wagering Requirements

When you sign up to use an online casino bonus, you must pay attention to the wagering requirements. These are specific conditions you must meet before you’re able to withdraw any winnings that came about from using that bonus.

Current bonuses usually require you to make a deposit first. This is usually for a minimum amount around the $10 mark, but it can vary depending on the casino you’re using.

Wagering requirements require you to wager your bonus a set number of times. For example, if you got a $10 bonus, you may have to wager 25x (totaling $250) before you can withdraw and collect your winnings.

You may be just looking around this new site to see what they offer. But even so, it’s important you understand your casino’s wagering requirements so you’re not left wondering why you can’t access your winnings.

Finding The Best Deals
Make sure you do your research. Take your time and be thorough before committing to any new online casino bonus. There are so many deals out there.

The same goes for signing up for an online casino itself. Again, there are a lot of options, but not all of them are best suited for what you want. Check the reviews for any sites that take your fancy, visit their social media pages, and browse the site itself for the promotions page. That way, you’ll have a good idea of what’s in store.

Before you know it, you’ll have all sorts of bonuses and codes to give you the best online casino experience ever, no matter if it’s with your existing site or somewhere new entirely.

Types of Neosurf Casinos

There are two types of Neosurf pokies Australia. They include mobile and desktop casinos. Mobile gambling platforms are the most popular among casino players in many parts of the world. Almost all casino players use smartphones or tablets, and the easiness with which they can hit a progressive jackpot while on the go appeals to a wide range of gamblers.

It doesn’t matter the type of mobile device you use since there are Neosurf apps for Windows, Android, and iOS. This is another reason why Neosurf is such a widely used online payment method in the online gambling world.

Aside from mobile Neosurf casinos situs judi m88 mansion, there are also desktop versions. These sites are only accessible through a desktop device. The features of desktop casinos are similar to those of mobile gaming websites, including bonuses, promotions, VIP rewards, customer support, and more. Additionally, the deposit procedures are similar.

Making Deposits in Online Casinos
When it comes to making deposits using Neosurf prepaid cards, the process is fast and reliable. That is why many gamblers prefer this method of online payment. Once you have purchased your card, you need to choose Neosurf as your payment method. After that, enter the amount of cash that you need to deposit as we as the validation code that shows up in a window that appears on the banking page of your online casino.

Many online gambling sites don’t charge any fees when using this method to deposit your funds. In terms of withdrawals, players who use Neosurf don’t have the option to receive funds from their respective accounts.

Benefits of Using Neosurf at Online Casinos
When buying a prepaid voucher at an authorized distributor, you don’t provide any personal information. You only pay cash or use a debit/credit card and take your voucher. Another advantage is that you can easily control all expenses at the Neosurf pokies in Australia and stay within your budget since the card has a set value that helps you not to spend more than what you have planned.

Also, there’re no associated fees when depositing funds into your casino account since all retailer charges were included in the costs of the card at the time of purchase. Similar to other gambling platforms, Neosurf online casinos also offer lots of generous promotions and bonuses as well as attractive VIP rewards. Additionally, they have top-notch security measures that help to protect all gamblers. And in line with this, all Neosurf online casinos use the latest 128-bit encryption technology.

Drawbacks of Choosing Neosurf as Your Deposit Option
The option of using this payment method as your preferred online casino comes with some shortfalls, which include the following:

You cannot use Neosurf to make withdrawals. This means that you will be required to look for an alternative method. Also, after using all the cash that was credited to your Neosurf card or voucher, you will have to deposit it, meaning you need to buy a new card every time you use the entire credit.
Neosurf imposes a fee on some of its services, especially when a foreign currency is used.
If you are a high roller, then this payment option is not ideal for you. It does not allow players to make large deposits since the Neosurf cards have maximum limits.

These are the only drawbacks. However, if you put into consideration the many benefits that this purchase method offers, you will see the need to use it as well as the potential that it has.

Final Thoughts
Neosurf is one of the most secure and easiest payment methods that you can use to make casino deposits. The cards prevent players from overspending and being victims of fraud since they do not provide any sensitive information. This payment option is available at the best Neosurf pokies Australia and there plenty of goodies that come with it.

If gambling is one of your favorite things, then you need a platform that will allow you to use an easy and anonymous deposit option like Neosurf. It guarantees quick transactions which are processed immediately. With this in mind, look for a recommended Neosurf casino and join to enjoy the advantages that it offers.

Amazing Cash-Free Solutions for Slots Players Coming up From Scientific Games

Scientific Games Corporation has revealed an array of post-COVID-19 contactless gaming solutions to allow operators to reopen.

Casinos across America have started to reopen after months of lockdown, but now need to follow strict safety procedures to prevent a second coronavirus outbreak. Most casinos are temperature-checking guests at the door, and require them to wear a mask at all times. Protective screens have been set up to separate players and staff, and casino capacity has been dropped to around 50%.

The new solutions from Scientific Games work to support the new sanitation procedures and assist with social distancing rules while keeping gaming fun and players and staff safe. It is hoped the measures will help to better play in the long run.

Executive Vice President and Gaming Group Executive Matt Wilson said: “Scientific Games has always been committed to innovation, but it is now more critical than ever to develop solutions that help our partners address and adapt to the new normal.

“Our suite of contactless gaming solutions enables our partners to deliver a new, yet fun and engaging gaming experience for their players all while keeping them safe. This advanced technology sets a new standard for the industry and is available for our partners now.”

The corporation has introduced a number of long-term fixes for the post-COVID-19 world. These include cashless payments via mobile app, sanitization detection software, and game reservation opportunities. More detail on each solution can be found below.

Unified Wallet
This mobile app allows players to access their cash to play table games and slots on the casino floor. Players will no longer need to use the ATM or visit the kiosk to play and will reduce costs for casino operators. Players will be able to keep an eye on their wins and potential losses from casino games through the app, and won’t need to visit the casino cafe to redeem tickets.

Automated Game Sanitization
Casinos that have now reopened have to follow strict sanitization rules to ensure the casino floor remains a safe place for both players and staff. Automated Game Sanitization eliminates the task of manually searching for games situs judi sa gaming than need to be cleaned. Instead, the solution works to identify slot machines that need cleaning straight after play has finished and flags them up with the casino team. Operators can also schedule regular cleaning intervals to cover all bases.

Social Distancing Module
This mobile provides operators with three distinct features – dynamic distancing, Resort and Game Reserve, and EGM Scheduler. These all help to maintain public safety now required by gaming officials while helping players to keep access to their favorite casino games:

Dynamic Distancing ensures all slots players are kept at a safe distance from one another. While some casinos have removed half of their machines from the floor, this isn’t necessary with dynamic distancing. Instead, whenever a player cards into a game, all machines in close proximity will shut down.

Resort Reserve and Game Reserve give players the chance to reserve their favorite slot machine before visiting the casino. This means players can play as they normally would, but in a safe and more controlled manner to ensure social distancing can be adhered to.

EGM Scheduler allows casino operators to release a list of games that should remain enabled on the casino floor. This effectively means they can take control of Dynamic Distancing, and make sure player-favorites and the most lucrative Vegas slot machines stay on throughout the day. Doing so will significantly help casinos to maintain steady cash flow from their most played games.

High Variance Slots: How They Work & Top Games

High variance slots are some of the most popular games in online casinos right now.

They provide an exciting mix of high-risk gambling and super-charged gameplay, with big payouts often driven by crazy sequences where free spins, multipliers and symbol modifiers combine to drive huge wins.

Since Big Time Gamings’ Megaways™ game engine arrived back in 2016 competition has been fierce amongst slot game studios looking to surpass their rivals and deliver the ultimate high volatility slot.

The popularity of these games and the cult of high variance is in evidence in the huge number of fan sites and streamer channels now available for slots fanatics who want to learn more about their favorite studios, as well as the next high-profile releases.

Alongside traditional big gambling news domains like Calvin Ayre, this new niche of fan forums and review sites like TheSlotBuzz.com is helping gamblers find the best new slot sites and games.

What Does Slot Variance Mean?

Before we take a look at 3 of the best high variance slots of the year so far, a quick word on what variance actually means.

The term refers to how far from the theoretical return to player (RTP) a game will drift over time situs judi sexy gaming. Most games have an average RTP of around 96%.

That means for every £100 wagered, on average £96 will be paid out in prizes. But this number will vary. During some sessions the RTP will be over 96% and in some it will be lower.

How far above and below the advertised RTP the game moves is referred to as the variance. Low variance games will vary little and consequently a player can be sure of regular, small payouts and what we would say is ‘low risk’ gambling.

High variance games vary a lot which means the RTP for a session could be very low, even below 50%, whilst at other times it could be much higher than 100%.

Typically, high variance games pay out infrequently, but when they do, the wins are much bigger. This makes the games a more high risk proposition as punters can sit through long periods with no wins before seeing any return.

Now lets’ take a look at three of the best titles in this genre for 2020. These slots are all available at licensed casinos in the UK and across Europe.

How to Make a Withdrawal

POLi is a perfect option if you love quick transactions. However, in terms of withdrawal, the process can prove to be a little bit trickier. It’s possible to withdraw your money through POLi, and some casinos do have this option among their cash out options.

But the method requires more processes that could be time-consuming. Also, a fee of $0.30 plus 0.90% of every transaction is charged. If you are looking to withdraw some cash, then it is advisable to use other options.

Final Thoughts
POLi is one unique treat that only gamblers situs judi evolution gaming in real money gaming platforms from New Zealand can enjoy. Even if the number of gambling sites that accept this banking option is low, POLi is still one of the most popular ones.

After all, POLi online casinos guarantee great bonuses and promotions, rich game selections and most importantly, a safe gambling environment. So if you want to enjoy all these benefits, be sure to join one of the top sites available in the POLi casinos guide NZ.

Safe and Secure Transactions

With POLi, all payments, money transfers and deposits take place in a well-secured atmosphere. When it comes to handling funds online, it is vital for you to feel comfortable with your banking method, and POLi provides you with that.

Beyond its transaction security, this payment option also protects all the information that you provide on the official site. POLi ensures that your personal details are well-protected and no contact information will be passed onto third parties.

Free or No Fees
When you use POLi to make deposits ionclub casino at your favorite online gaming platform, you will be sure to enjoy free services. POLi doesn’t charge its customers any fee, which means that all deposits at casinos that accept this method are free of charge.

This’s a great benefit since many payment methods charge ridiculous fees when using their services. So if you want to make deposits free of charge, then all the recommended sites in the POLi casinos guide NZ are perfect options to select from.

Instant Receipts
A great feature that this payment method offers to all its customers is the instant receipt function. It means that each time a deposit, payment or transaction is made, you will receive a notification in no time, making you know that a transaction has been triggered.

This not only allows you to know that the transaction has been successful but also acts as an extra security layer. It helps you to be aware of any activities taking place on your bank account, and you will also receive immediate proof of payment.

POLi Pokies in Australia: A Quick Guide

POLi is a respected and popular payment method in Australia and New Zealand, especially when it comes to online gambling. With the use of this payment method, gamblers can deposit funds into their respective casino accounts instantly.

POLi is an online payment method that was established in 2006 by POLi Payments Pty Ltd. The company is located in Melbourne, Australia. And unlike other famous payment methods, POLi isn’t an international banking institution but rather a purchase option that is widely used in Australia and New Zealand.

The benefits that this method of payment offers make it appealing to gamblers from these two countries. If you are looking for the best gambling sites in New Zealand, then you are in the right place. This POLi Casinos guide NZ has everything that you need to know about this payment method as well as online gambling sites that accept it. Read on to learn more.

Why Use POLi at Gambling Sites

As a payment method, POLi offers plenty of benefits, which range from secure transactions and instant receipts to no fees and available on multiple devices. Below are more details about these benefits.

POLi is Available on Different Devices
Whether you want to deposit your funds through a tablet, smartphone or desktop daftar casino sbobet 338a, you will be able to do so since POLi is available on all these devices. This will enable you to deposit money and make transactions with this banking option anywhere and anytime.

Since most online casino games are also available on different devices, you need to use a payment option that will allow you to deposit funds into your casino accounts through portable gadgets. Aside from making deposits at online casinos, you can also use POLi to purchase products or services from eCommerce stores, providing Kiwis with even more convenience.

Legal troubles remain for Chicago casino plan

While gaming lovers across Chicago are getting ready to hit the city’s brand new casino, obstacles still remain for those approving the plans.

When Illinois lawmakers approved plans for a Las Vegas-style venue, the city of Chicago was ready to be the largest American city with a casino.

There are multiple problems to sort out before construction can begin, however, as the city must convince lawmakers to approve a plan that makes the casino more profitable. Moreover, they still need to choose a location for it.

That’s right- while lawmakers have granted the proposal for just how many gambling positions will be in the building (up to 4,000), the area for the building is still up for grabs.

A feasibility study required by law has evaluated five sites, including the former US Steel plant site on the city’s far south side, but recommended another. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said the downtown area is also still very much in play.

The proposal was signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker back in June of this year in the hope of a funding source for the city’s $45 billion capital plan. Revenue would be used to pay down pension debt.

Former Mayor Richard M. Daley floated a plan in the early 1990s, but nothing ever came of the plans. Lightfoot has favored a casino to boost financially-struggling neighborhoods and bring economic stability.

Legislators have approved five other casinos for Illinois, but it’s clear that the ball really needs to start rolling. A study from Union Gaming Analytics has said two slot sites in Chicago’s airports alone will have the ability to bring in $37 million annually.

The problem is that estimates for how much these casinos will actually make vary – although experts agree that the largest of the six will easily outperform River Casinos, the state’s highest-grossing venue.

That casino, situated in the suburb of Des Plaines, generated $440 million in profit last year with its 1,200 gambling positions. A casino in Chicago has actually proved to be so threatening that Indiana has started the construction of a Hard Rock Casino in Gary to combat losses.

Sportsbetting has also been situs judi slot promosi recently legalized in Indiana, meaning Chicagoans no longer have to visit Las Vegas to bet on their favorite games.

Not everything is on-side with the new plans, however.

The feasibility study which estimated one site could gross over $950 million by year five, has said that the “onerous” tax and fee structure set by the city would rule plans “not financially feasible.”

The total tax a Chicago casino would have to pay amounts to a huge 72 percent- equating to 39 percent on revenue and another 33.3 percent on privilege tax for operating within the city. The rate, which solely applies to the Chicago casino, was written into plans after lawmakers initially rejected casino proposals.

Lawmakers have adjourned their session to fix the rates, with Lightfoot postponing the issue to January. She said, “With so much potential on the line, our city and state deserve to get this done and get this done right.”

The Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems has also stood against proposals, saying casinos “prey on the poor and enable — if not tacitly encourage — gambling addiction.”

And while some neighborhoods are battling to be the location of the huge venue, a few don’t even want to profit from it. A Chicago alderwoman whose ward covers a proposed site in a historically black neighborhood slammed the idea, saying it was akin to “putting a casino in Harlem.”

Whatever one’s stance on the proposals, it’s clear that it’s going to be some time before we see a casino in Chicago.

Can YouTube Slots Stars Bring Gamers Back to Casinos?

Casinos all over the US have been shut down for several weeks now, but people are still making money and having fun online. People even set time aside in their daily routine to watch others on YouTube or live streaming platforms play their favorite games.

Joshua O’Connell from Connecticut is just one of the many people doing just that. He told Review Journal, “You get that authentic moment of the win (in these videos). I watch because I get to learn what’s new (with slots) … and the personalities coming through make the channels. It’s a nice pick-me-up in the day.”

With casinos shuttered, casino-related YouTube creators cannot put out regular videos, resulting in fewer views and less money from those videos. The impact on viewers has been immediate. O’Connell says that he previously could watch around four videos a day, but this has been halved over the past few weeks.

Heidi Clemons, who is one half of The Slot Cats channel, said, “We can empathize with those furloughed and waiting to return to work. Our income is down about two-thirds from where it was a year ago.”

Greater Casino Content

More people than ever are making money from posting YouTube videos relating to casino content. It’s not hard to find someone posting about how to win at slots or sharing their wins in their community.

Brian Christopher is just one example situs alternatif cmd368. He uploaded his first ever video on YouTube four years ago. Titled “’Lightning Strikes’ — HUGE WIN on Vegas Slots! $3,75/Bet,” Christopher took his casino adventure online. He played at the Paris Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood casinos in Vegas, expecting only a few friends to notice and watch online.

What actually happened is a different story. The video attracted thousands of views in the first week and gained around 1,000 subscribers, prompting him to launch his now full-time YouTube career. He was surprised that so many people took an interest in his video, saying, “I did not expect those videos to explode the way they did.”

As of February 2020, Christopher has grown his channel to amass 245,000 subscribers. His huge following has allowed him to sell his own merchandise and hire some employees to help grow his brand.

Even though land-based casinos have shut down for the time being, content creators like Christopher are still posting online.

“We are happily working from home, as is advised, and also hosting premiere lives of prerecorded videos and streaming live online slots,” Christopher says. His team ensures that he has two months worth of content scheduled in advance so he can continue on his regular schedule for a few months yet.

The Online Casino Market is Flourishing Thanks to a Global Gambling Surge

The global gambling market continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down, according to a Research and Markets report on its compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The industry market was valued at $449.3 billion in 2018, showing a CAGR of 4.1% since 2014.

It is predicted that it will be worth $565.4 billion by 2022, boasting a growth rate of 5.9%.

The report named casinos, sports betting and lotteries as the large contributors to the profits of the gambling world.

Lotteries held the biggest slice of the profits pie, holding 46.1% of the gambling market in 2018.

It noted that offline gambling agen sbobet388 in land-resorts is still more popular than online gambling, but that is likely change in the future.

The report predicted that VR gambling is soon to be the fastest-growing segment of the casino gambling industry.

A separate report from Coherent Market Insights claims that between 2018 and 2026 the gambling industry will see the most significant growth it has seen in decades.

It estimates that the market will be worth $123.5 billion by 2026, due to an increasing population and the increase in the number of people using the internet around the world.

In Asia, the gambling market is expected to grow by 14% between now and 2022, due to the relaxation of gambling laws, more people in the continent having access to the internet, and the growing availability of gambling websites with attractive offers.

The report claims that relaxed gambling rules in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and Ghana will also widely contribute.

A wide link is being found between how accessible countries make gambling, and how many people currently take part.

The slot machines set for Chicago’s airports are set to generate $37 million each year, despite being taxed at 72%.

It is thought that the growth in popularity of cryptocurrency and virtual currency has helped the online market to grow because both casinos and their customers alike prefer these currencies for making speedy deposits and withdrawals.

According to Bitcoin, over 24.5 billion bets have been placed using Bitcoins in the last two years.

The company claims that it offers ‘privacy-centric’ gambling, alongside a quicker solution to fund casino accounts, pay out jackpots and reward players.

Mobile gambling is also on the increase with the introduction of online gambling and mobile gambling applications.

A wider range of new and exciting online games could also bring new audiences on to the gambling scene.

Just last week we reported on a British Colombia woman who won $1 million playing slots. With jackpots like that, it isn’t hard to see why people enjoy gambling.

It is expected that the legalization of sports betting across the USA is set to bring in a whole new crowd that wouldn’t normally gamble.

Key gambling operators in the current market include 888 Holdings, Bet 365, William Hill, Betsson, BetAmerica, Kindred Group, Paddy Power, Betfair, and GVC Holdings.

Gambling Is Now Legal in Japan

Gambling in Japan is somewhat of a delicate subject and although most forms of gambling are forbidden by the Criminal Code (chapter 23), there are several exceptions to the rule with the most recent being casinos.

Before the recent amendment to the law, betting on horse racing and certain motorsports (bicycle racing, powerboat racing, and asphalt speedway motorbike racing) was and still is completely legal in the country. They are, however, only allowed by special laws that are regulated by local governments and governmental corporations.

With tickets available from countless circuits and ticket booths throughout the country and in many cities (Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya) it’s a wonder why alternative forms of gambling aren’t acceptable. But here’s where it gets particularly strange, gambling may be illegal, but Japan also permits the lottery, so much so that you can purchase tickets at some ATMs.

Tickets are usually sold between 100 to 500 yen ($1 to $5) with prizes reaching up to 100 million yen ($1 million). The prize pool for any given lottery is less than 50% of the overall sales with the rest heading to local charities and government organizations so by allowing for the lottery, the country creates funding for positive areas.

But when we look at the legalization of casinos in Japan, the method behind the madness isn’t too dissimilar from what we’ve already seen from the lottery. Maybe this is the next major step up for the development in Japan…

The 2018 legalization of casinos in Japan

As of 20 July 2018, the Japanese Parliament announced that for the first time, casino gambling situs judi bola would be decriminalized, paving the way for new gambling-based businesses and casino revenues by the mid-2020s.

A building of ‘integrated resorts’ was announced to maximize the new laws with the capitalization of casinos, hotels, shopping centers and conference rooms all under the same roof. Think of it as a small slice of Las Vegas making its way over to the Japanese capital.

The news comes shortly after Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister voiced his support in legalizing gambling as a section of a strategy to both improve tourism and stimulate economies outside of Tokyo.

The shift in law doesn’t come as a particularly large surprise, especially when you consider the success in other areas of Asia when it comes to casinos and resorts. With Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau (home to 8 of the 10 most profitable casinos) all-seeing huge boosts to the economy, it was only a matter of time before Japan joined in on the action.

Possible future resort sites are rumored with Osaka, Nagasaki, Wakayama and Hokkaido prefecture, but the obvious choice in Tokyo has been suggested, although is not yet formally proposed as a viable venture.

Officials state the very first Japanese casino is likely to open in the mid-2020s, but we’re expecting nothing but accelerated progress. Hardly a surprise with the backing of plenty of U.S. gaming companies including MGM Resorts International and Las Vegas Sands Corp. pledging as much as $10 billion per resort.

With so much investment ready to make movements around the country, we’re expecting the most expensive casinos in the world to be arriving in absolutely no time at all.

Wynn Vows to Build ‘World’s Largest Casino’ in Japan

Wynn vows to build “the world’s largest casino” in Japan.

Wynn Resorts has big plans for its Japanese lobbying campaign, telling media outlets that it plans to build the ‘world’s largest’ casino resort in the country.

The company has yet to obtain one of the three gambling licenses currently available in the country but has big dreams for when they become available for bidding.

Leader of Wynn Resorts’ campaign in Japan, Chris Gordon, shared the company’s vision at a conference at Encore Boston Harbor in Massachusetts.

He told The Japan Times: “The government has set goals for the next 20 years to raise tourism to a very high level. We like that.

“It’s also a society that has had an interest in gaming. They certainly have gaming now, with pachinko, horses, and motorboats.”

Japan is set to become taruhan bola the third-richest gaming market in the world behind Macau and Nevada, so it’s not hard to see why the company wants a piece of the action.

Japanese lawmakers are currently finalizing the rules that will govern the licensing process.

Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts, Wynn, Melco Resorts, and Galaxy Entertainment are all expected to bid.

Caesar’s Entertainment recently pulled out of the battle for a license, saying it plans to stick with its current business plan and focus its $17.3 billion merger with Eldorado Resorts Inc next year.

Chris Gordon has refused to put a number on the amount the company is prepared to spend on a resort but has said it will be home to plenty of space for meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions.

He has, however, specified that the goal is to build the world’s largest casino property, aiming for between two and three million square feet.

It is expected to be around 8 times larger than Wynn resort Encore Boston Harbor, which cost $2.6 billion to build and $4.2 billion in total to open.

Gordon added: “This would be much larger than the investment in Cotai. But the reason we didn’t put an exact number on it is it’s very early, we still have a lot of design to do, a lot to learn.”

The company has already told investors that it will be looking at an $8 to $9 billion investment should it win a license.

The Japanese government gave its approval for legalization of commercial gambling in July 2018 in order to further diversify the tourism focus put on the nation.

Only two major cities, Osaka and Yokohama. have expressed interest in hosting a casino due to public backlash.

Wynn hopes to open a venue in either city, but has also expressed interest in Tokyo.

Expected frontrunners, MGM Resorts and Las Vegas Sands, are also looking towards opening in either Osaka or Yokohama.

Osaka wants to have a casino resort open in time for its hosting of the 2025 World Expo. The mayor of Yokohama, although a little late to come forward, has told residents that the opportunity is too big for the city to miss.

Nevada Gambling Revenue for July Tops $1 Billion

Nevada gambling revenues continue to rebound, topping $1 billion in July, the second successive month that earnings from gambling have topped that amount. The state’s gaming revenues started the year on a decline for five consecutive months before an upturn in June.

Nevada gaming revenues hit $1.02 billion in July, an increase of 2.9 percent compared to July 2018. This is the fourth time this year that revenues have hit the $1 billion mark, state regulators revealed.

Michael Lawton, the Nevada judi online terpercaya Gaming Control Board’s chief analyst said: “Back-to-back $1 billion win amounts and the fourth time this year. These are welcome numbers for sure.”

Besides June and July, Nevada also recorded gambling revenues of more than $1 billion in February and March.

Breakdown of the revenue figures
A quick breakdown of the figures shows that the Silver State’s casinos recorded a 4.4 percent increase in slot machine revenue. It was reported that gamblers lost $695.87 million in slot machines in July, with $307.1 million coming in penny slot machines.

“We’re seeing nice, consistent increases in slot volume and slot win,” Lawton added.

Slot machines have been the bedrock for gaming revenues’ growth for a while now, with Lawton revealing that slot volumes decreased only once in the past 12 months. Lawton said revenues from slot machines recorded increases in six of the first seven months this calendar year and were currently up 2.7% to date.

Although slot machines did well, revenue from baccarat was down 23.7 percent compared to July 2018.

Baccarat could be something of an enigma for the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGBC). In May baccarat revenues were down by 55 percent compared to the prior year, before bouncing to $157 million in June, an increase of 114 percent compared to June 2018.

With baccarat earnings falling again, the TUNF website reported that Black Jack reclaimed top position as king of the card games. Blackjack earned $87.2 million, but this figure was 6.6 percent lower when compared to July 2018. Craps had a strong showing, recording a growth of 12 percent, raising $39.3 million while earnings from roulette fell by 1.6 percent to close the month at $32.2 million.

The website further reported that the category “card games,” which refers to poker, recorded an increase of about 86 percent to $22.2 million. What drove this massive growth is that every July Las Vegas hosts the World Series of Poker, which sees an influx of players into the city’s casinos. However, “total revenue for counter, table, and card games was generally flat at $328.1 million.”

Nevada’s major gaming markets also reported good returns in July. Las Vegas Strip revenues topped $541.8 million, an increase of 1.6 percent, and Reno revenues were more than $57.3 million, an increase of 1.5 percent.

The CDC Gaming Reports website reported that statewide, in July, gaming revenues were up 0.3 percent, while the Las Vegas Strip was down 1 percent. Northern Nevada’s Washoe County as a whole, which includes Reno, was down 2.1 percent for the year.

Most of the revenue came from Clark County, which generated almost $860.4 million. The figure represents a 2.55 percent increase compared to July 2018. It is unsurprising that Clark County generated the most revenue; Las Vegas is located in that county.

AP reported that South Lake Tahoe casinos had witnessed the biggest growth in revenues. Casinos in that area generated $34.99 million in revenue, an increase of 32.5 percent. Only two areas reported decreases in July. North Las Vegas was down less than one percent and Washoe County, outside of Reno, Sparks and North Lake Tahoe, was down 10.3 percent with $5.5 million in revenue.

Furthermore, it was reported that Nevada raked in $73.9 million of that revenue in taxes, 32.5 percent more than they received from the casinos last year.

However, Lawton added a quick caveat, advising that a comparison with last year may be skewed because casinos received tax credits of about $20.1 million for June and July in 2018.

Asia Gaming Summit Scheduled for November in Taiwan

The date has officially been set for the third annual Asia Gaming Summit, which gives companies to chance to find new business ventures in the continent.

This year’s event will be held on November 5-7, 2019  at the W Taipei in Taiwan.

Attendees are promised information about new trends in the market while gaining expert advice from the top dogs in the gaming industry throughout Asia.

Online and land-based operators, government officials and financial experts are all expected at the event to speak on how they have changed the gaming world in their areas.

Attending industry leaders include the managing partner of Lin & Partners, George Lin, whose firm focuses on banking, security, and issues that crop up within gaming law.

The managing director for Asia at Sportsradar Micheal Maerz will also be in attendance, alongside Christina Thankor-Rankin, who has 25 years of experience in the global betting and gaming industry.

Asia gaming expert situs judi bola resmi Calvin Shueh will be paying a visit along with the APAC Cyber Risk Practice Leader at Kroll, Paul Jackson.

Other well-known gambling personalities set to attend include the cofounder of Bitwork Bryan Wu and the managing partner of Join Law, Calvin Yang.

Talks on regulations and compliance, business development, technology, and cybersecurity will be held throughout the event.

At a time when Caesars has given up on obtaining a gambling license in Japan, the Asian gambling market will be welcoming gambling executives from around the world to advertise the opportunities available to them.

Sponsors currently pinned down for the summit include Betrader, BetContruction, iGamingBusiness, Best Bitcoin Casino, and Inside Asian Gaming.

It is thought other sponsors are in the pipeline but they have not yet been officially named.

Last year, around 200 people attended the summit held at the W Taipei.

Industry leaders spoke on sports betting, esports, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, big data, lottery, and affiliate marketing.  It was opined to be a ‘great success’.

Asia is home to Marina Bay Sands, listed among our top ten casinos you should visit in your lifetime.

There is more on the calendar for gambling enthusiasts, as the Regional Gambling Summit edges ever closer.

The event will be held at the Sofitel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, between September 10 and 11.

Co-chairmen of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association and the CEO of iGaming Asia will be in attendance ahead of the Asian summit.

The Cambodian event aims to educate attendees on the latest gambling innovations and find investors to take up licenses there as well as in neighboring states Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Myanma.

163 licenses were issued in Cambodia, yet just 60 casinos and gaming establishments are currently running.

Experts at the Asia Gaming Expo held in Sihanoukville in June of this year have already named Cambodia as a new and upcoming regional gaming and gambling hub.

To find out more about each summit, visit their respective websites. The Asian Summit is still on the search for speakers and sponsors.

iGaming Summit Sigma ’19 is set for Malta

The date for the SiGMA ’19 expo in Malta has officially been set by organizers.

SiGMA Group has announced that the sixth annual summit will take place on November 27-29, 2019, at the MFCC in Ta’Qali.

It will focus on business expansion and deal-making within the gambling and gaming industry.

iGaming representatives from the East and West will take the spotlight alongside the introduction of A.I. & Blockchain into the iGaming ecosystem.

In a statement for the press sbobet casino, SiGMA said: “As a truly world-class event with an elite selection of delegates, policymakers, and thought leaders pouring in from across the globe, SiGMA is proud to call itself the World’s iGaming Village.

Through a commitment to quality and years of successful operations, SiGMA has developed a strong brand, evolving into a global influencer with the ability to facilitate the biggest deals across the iGaming sector.

“This global stance is reinforced by the Group’s expansion to Asia, with the inaugural SiGMA Manila taking place in June 2020.”

Over 400 sponsors and exhibitors will be present at the event, with 200 industry-leaders presenting sessions for the record-breaking 12,500 attendees from over 80 countries who will use this opportunity to share many ideas.

The show will be the biggest yet with chances to strike deals with huge gaming brands, speak to leading suppliers, and secure support from the top affiliates.

SiGMA Pitch will be run again, providing young start-ups with the chance to gain exposure and network on the expo floor, possibly leading to funding and mentoring from industry big-dogs.

The Malta Gaming Awards will again return on the evening of November 26, celebrating iGaming across the industry in all its success.

It’s really no surprise because iGaming such as online slots continue to rise in popularity.

The awards are split into 12 categories all directed towards different contributions to the iGaming world, including iGaming ICO, Payments Provider of the year, Best Asia-Focused Casino Operator, and Best Slot Game.

Awards for Best Sports Book Operator, Best Casino, Top Innovator, Best Games Vendor, and Best Careers Vendor will also be up for grabs.

Aside from presenting awards for the most intriguing and creative projects within the industry, the Gaming Awards will also host an art auction; all proceeds will be donated to a number of well-known charities.

Individual seats for the awards can be booked for €175 (USD$193); a central table for ten can be purchased for €1,750 (USD$1,933).

The deadline for nominations is September 30 – to enter visit the awards section of SiGMA’s website.

SiGMA also runs an annual conference in Asia. This time the location will be in Manila in June 2020.

Now that gambling is finally legal in Japan, it is thought that this will be a huge turning point for the event.

Around 300 exhibitors will be welcomed alongside 6000 attendees who will take part in two days of presentations, workshops, and premier networking events.

Plans approved by the Indiana Gaming Commission, August 28th

Spectacle is paying the state $20 million to relocate the casino to land. During the Tuesday meeting, Spectacle agreed to give the city 3 percent of the casino’s adjusted gross receipts; those revenues can’t be less than $6.15 million. Spectacle’s vice president and general counsel John Keeler said in one news report that revenue higher than $6.15 million will go towards a community development fund for charity.

The plan then went before the Indiana Gaming Commission, which approved the move of the Gary inland casino on Wednesday, August 28th.

Spectacle also wants to open a casino in Terre Haute and is requesting a state license to do so. The company hopes terre haute residents will pass a casino referendum on November 5. If voters approve, the state will take bids for the license. Gaming Commission Executive Director Sara Tait says casino operators have until Dec. 1 to submit proposals for the Vigo County facility. If Spectacle wins the license to open a casino in Terre Haute, Keeler said that casino would provide Gary with 0.5 percent of its adjusted gross receipts for 10 years.

The new casino in Indiana will be “top of the line”
Spectacle Entertainment has revealed preliminary drawings of its proposed Hard Rock Casino Gary to city planners. According to The Times of Northwest Indiana, the developers said the facility will be “top of the line.” The Hard Rock Casino Gary will have 225,000-square-feet with 2,764 gaming positions, restaurants, bars, a Hard Rock Cafe, and a live concert venue-Hard Rock Live.

The plans reveal truly amazing features. As visitors enter the casino, they will pass a large, neon-lit guitar, a signature icon of Hard Rock properties. As players pass through the center of the casino, they will encounter numerous table games and slot machines. According to Spectacle Entertainment, the new slot game terpercaya casino will include numerous bars and restaurants all around it, one of which will be a Hard Rock café.

Rich Ziegler, Spectacle vice president of development, says the new venue will be “first quality all the way. The architects and interior designers have done an outstanding job, and we’re very excited.”

The back of the casino, which will face the expressway, will largely duplicate the front, to convince visitors to leave the highway and enter the premises.

Spectacle Entertainment’s Indiana casino strategy – a competition for Chicago’s plans

Hard Rock’s interest in developing the new Gary casino and hotel is mostly attributed (according to nwitimes.com) to the competition Chicago’s plans for a big casino brings in the Midwest.

“That partnership was dictated by what happened in Illinois,” Keeler said, according to the nwitimes.com story. “We felt if we were going to be able to compete in Gary and put out a first-class product — really attract people to our facility — we needed to partner with the gold standard, with the Rolls Royce if you will, in the casino gaming industry. And that’s why we’ve partnered with Hard Rock, who will manage and brand this casino.”

New Hard Rock Casino in Gary, IN, a response to the projected Chicago mega-casino

After Indiana updated state law in May to allow an inland casino in Gary, recent news shows our neighbors are one step closer to the completion of their casino dreams. Hard Rock Casino Gary will open in two phases, starting December 31st, 2020, after recently partnering with Spectacle. The new casino and subsequent hotel will constitute a permanent land-based replacement for Spectacle’s two Majestic Star casinos on Lake Michigan.

Spectacle Entertainment’s plans to build a $400 million Hard Rock Casino in Gary were unanimously approved by the City Council at a special meeting on Tuesday, August 27th.

The deal, approved by the council with a decisive 9-0 vote, allows Spectacle to move its Majestic Star casino to land, near Interstate 80-94 and Burr Street. Basically, this will create a 30-acre Hard Rock Casino entertainment complex, including a 200-room hotel. One of the company’s signature cafés will be built there.

Good news for the Indiana job market

The new casino brings good news for Indiana’s job searchers. The gaming and entertainment enterprise would create 650 new jobs. The two Majestic Star situs game slot online boats floating on Lake Michigan there are 1,683 gaming positions; the new on-land casino would feature 2,764. Construction is supposed to begin immediately, according to Spectacle, who wants the Hard Rock Casino to be operational by the end of 2020.

Two to three years after the casino opens, construction will begin on a hotel and onsite parking facility for casino guests. The project will employ twice as many people as Spectacle’s current Majestic Star casinos, according to the Journal-Review in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Spectacle says “best efforts” will be made to employ 40 percent minority vendors, 10 percent women and 5 percent veterans.

A state-owned casino could be a solution, the study said

There might still be a solution, the report mentioned, and that would be a city-owned casino. But, of course, this means the whole idea needs to go back to the drawing board.

Sports betting will also be legal in Illinois, according to the gaming expansion bill, but a regulatory framework still has to be created by the state gaming commission and a date for the first legal sports bets to be placed is still unknown.

The neighbour states of Iowa and Indiana both have planned to have legal sports betting in place before the start of the NFL season.

Meanwhile, Ameristar Casino in East Chicago, located 5 miles from the Illinois border and 20 miles from downtown Chicago, has been issued a temporary sports betting permit in Indiana.

So, competition is knocking on the door.

The house might always win in the gambling world, but, apparently, not if it is built in Chicago, and the consequences might be costly for the entire community.

Revenue from a Chicago casino would help pay for a $45 billion statewide infrastructure plan
Chicago infrastructure

As it appears now, without some tax adjustments, the statewide gambling expansion package Gov. J.B. Pritzker wants to count among his legislative achievements won’t be able to support the taxes and fees lawmakers impose on it.

The stakes are much higher than a casino operator making profit.

Revenue from a Chicago casino slot deposit 10 ribu, which has the potential to bring in more money than any other casino in the state, is part of the lawmakers’ plan to pay for a $45 billion statewide infrastructure plan.

So, even though the rest of Illinois usually does not care much for what happens in Chicago, now all aspects of the situation should be carefully considered.

City and state officials have been trying for years to get a casino in Chicago.

But after the Union Gaming Analytics report, the math just doesn’t add up, at least not in the projected form.

If the casino doesn’t bring in the expected revenue, or fails to get off the ground, it could affect infrastructure projects across the state.

So, a solution needs to be found, whether it is reducing the privilege fee in Chicago or agreeing to a city-owned casino.

A casino in Chicago, not “financially feasible”, according to a recent study

According to a $120,000 study released August 13th by the Union Gaming Analytics for the Illinois Gaming Board none of the five potential casino sites in Chicago is “financially feasible” because of the city’s tax and fee structure.

Pritzker’s gaming expansion bill, in danger to not produce effects

In July, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law the gaming expansion bill, which allowed for the establishment of six new land-based casinos, including a major one in Chicago.

This last one could turn out to be the highest-grossing casino in the state, but, as the study underlines link slot terbaru, the current high taxes would cause it to struggle for a low profit.

The report, released August 13th, said the main concern was a special privilege tax the casino would have to pay to the city for the right to do business in Chicago.

“We would also expect any such proposal to be dependent on either material changes to, or abatement of, the City of Chicago privilege tax of one-third of adjusted gross receipts, and potentially the backward-looking reconciliation fee,” the report said.

“While not all of the tax ‘savings’ would drop to the bottom line in the event the special privilege tax is rescinded, most of it would. In this scenario, and while the casino would certainly allocate some of the savings to, for example, increased marketing efforts, the lack of the special privilege tax would allow a casino to operate with margins broadly in line with the in-state peers.”

A future Chicago casino would only make a 1-2% annual return

Union Gaming visited the five sites — four on the South side and one on the West side — selected by the city of Chicago for a future casino.

None of them were ideal, the advisory company reported, but it did not really matter, since, regardless of the chosen location, “the onerous tax and fee structure” in Chicago would render the business useless.

“The current regulatory construct, namely the highest effective gaming tax and fee structure in the US makes any casino project – regardless of location – generally not financially feasible,” the study said.

The total tax a Chicago casino would have to pay, according to the study, amounts to a whopping 72 percent, 39 percent on revenue and another 33.3 percent the privilege tax for operating within the city.

Compared to other reported earnings of Illinois casinos, which Union Gaming examined and found to be between 19.2 percent and 26.7 percent, before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization, a Chicago casino would simply have to pay too much, due to the privilege tax, to render it profitable.

Any Chicago casino would be able to make at best a 1-2 percent annual return, given the current amount of taxation, a margin which would be too low, according to the study, for any operator to conduct a successful business.

“We believe a reasonable casino developer would not move forward with a greenfield casino project that has, at best, a low single-digit profit margin,” the study said.

Of course, nobody would invest in such a casino, which, even if it was structured to make a profit from non-gaming amenities, would still only make “a few pennies on the dollar,” according to the study.