Biggest slots wins stories out of Canada

Ever thought that online gambling doesn’t give anything back? Think again.

Canadian slots players are winning all the time, from the odd amount here and there, to the big winners that take home life-changing piles of cash – all from the click of a button.

Some beat the jackpots several times in short succession, while others are lucky enough to win seven-figure sums and more.

The biggest slots wins stories out of Canada will make your mouth hit the floor faster than the roulette ball spinning around the wheel. By the time you’ve finished reading, you may want to think again about avoiding the slots altogether.

So with all this in mind, here are the biggest wins coming out of Canadian casinos.

The best place to start is with some huge slot wins.

In 2015, an unknown Canadian managed to secure a C$7.5 million dollar prize after taking down the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, one of the most popular slots in the world. The winner was a resident of Vancouver and it remains as one of the largest casino wins in the country today.

Interestingly, the jackpot was won on a mobile device, showing that any Canadian has the potential to win big wherever they may be!

In 2016, a player by the name of Marcus Goodwin also took on the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot and came out on top. However, Goodwin managed to win even bigger than his unknown compatriot, taking down a huge win of C$11.6 million. This marked one of the largest wins ever in the November of that year, undoubtedly giving that lucky player one holiday season to remember for a lifetime.

Now, sometimes, you don’t have to win the biggest prizes on offer to be one of the chosen ones. One lucky player from Alberta, Canada must have had his prayers answered by Lady Luck as he won the famous Avalon not once, but twice. In the space of just two months, the player took home a C$72,650 prize before banking yet another five-figure sum of C$13,900.

This goes to show that sticking to your favorite games can really pay off and then some.

One of the more recent big slots wins coming out of Canada comes courtesy of Prince George, B.C. resident Marylene Dumoulin, who scooped a whopping $2.1 million from a slots machine jackpot.

It’s a heartwarming story.

Marylene and her husband headed to Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George for some fun, with the aim of winning the progressive jackpot on the Powerbucks slot. She made a $3 bet and waited for the result.

Her initial reaction was that she thought she had won $2,100. This would have still been an amazing return. But upon further inspection, her husband realized that they had won a little more than that.

Marylene described how the excitement and joy meant that she couldn’t actually sleep or eat anything for a couple of days. It took a while for the true size of her fortune to sink in.

When they appeared on TV to talk about their winnings, Marylene was seen wearing bandages across her fingers; she was so nervous that she couldn’t stop biting her nails.

In a statement, the vice-president of the casino said in a press release, “Celebrating a record-breaking Powerbucks jackpot in British Columbia is a thrilling occasion for our players. On behalf of BCLC, I’d like to congratulate Marlyne on her win at Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George.”

The winning couple said that they were going to use that money to go travelling in their motorhome.

The good stories continue, with one woman not even knowing what’s going on and going home big.

This is exactly what happened with Shirley Lima when she played some slots back in 2015 at the OLG Casino Thousand Islands. Unbeknownst to her, she made a max bet while reaching for a drink. By complete accident, this move netted her 34 free spins that grew to a further 160 free spins.

The wager itself cost her just over $11, but this would be mere pocket change to this lucky winner. By the time she left the casino floor, Lima won more than $33,000.

Mistakes aren’t usually advised, especially when it comes to slots, but if it does ever happen, this is the way to do it.

Beat It
Here’s another great story.

A 55-year old Canadian named Kathryn decided to hit the casino floor one day. She tested her luck at a Niagara Falls casino, staking a mere C$60 on a video slot (the game based Michael Jackson-themed if you wanted a bit more detail.)

Billy Jean may not have been the King of Pop’s lover, but the winning jackpot certainly was for Kathryn as she won a staggering C$1.8 million.

“I chose this machine because I love Michael Jackson’s music and I was lucky to win a few hundred dollars the first time I played,” said Kaythryn. “This time I put in only $60.”

In yet another instance, back in 2008, a man played the C$1 Megabucks slot in Woodbine Racetrack Casino, Toronto. Before long, he was walking away from the property with over C$4.5 million in his back pocket. The player’s identity remains a mystery but it would have marked a day he would never forget.

Winning In Canada
There’s plenty to be excited about playing slots in Canada. There’s always a chance that you could become the next big story and change your life forever, whether it’s by taking home the jackpot or by winning a few big consecutive prizes. If you’re looking for the best online casinos in Canada, check out this list from situs judi sbobet338 bola terpercaya

Stories about people winning are true and inspiring. If you enjoy playing at an online casino, you’re only one spin away achieving glory. It may not be something you should expect on every spin, but once it arrives, be ready to welcome it with open arms.

Video Pokies

Video pokies are the most popular type of pokies. They come with amazing sounds and
stunning graphics as designed by top level developers in the industry. The video pokies that
come with bonus rounds are preferred by players, but many of them do not come with bonus
rounds. For such games, players can only boost their bankroll through winnings from spins.
There will always be multiple paylines and captivating themes from video pokies.
Players must ensure that they cover every payline with their bets when they want to bet on
video pokies. Through scatter and wild symbols, players are assisted to win extra cash by
video pokies without bonus rounds. The games come with lots of entertaining symbols. You
may encounter some casinos offering video slot games at no cost, giving players the chance
to test and practice the games for free before they can make a real money bet. No game is as
popular as online pokies in casinos, and thousands of players are attracted to it on a daily
basis. With very clear and crisp graphics and captivating animations, these games are able to
lure in players.

Video Pokies with Bonuses
Players in New Zealand always prefer video pokies that offer bonus rounds. They are action-packed games that will help boost the players’ bankroll. These games come with many
winning ways through multiple pay lines and also offer some bonus rounds. The video pokies
come with different types of bonuses, and the free spins are one of them. The free spins round
could be triggered when certain symbols land on the reels, and when they are triggered, they
offer players some amount of free spins. In some games, the free spins rounds also come
with additional features like the stacked wilds.
There is also the second screen bonus, which is normally the pick-a-box type of bonus. Here,
items are displayed on the screen for the player. Players are tasked to choose from the items
to reveal the highest bonus amount. Online pokies with bonus rounds could be very beneficial
to players, and because of that, players should look out for those with more than one bonus.
Through this, their winnings will not only increase, they will also enjoy more fun while

Progressive Jackpot Pokies
Another type of online pokies that is also very popular among players is the progressive daftar slot online terpercaya
jackpot pokies. Here, huge payouts are delivered to players when they land a specific winning
combination. You can get pokies with jackpots that are bigger than $1 million. They are very
popular games because of the payouts, but players should also understand that for them to be
eligible for the jackpots, most of the progressive jackpot pokies would require them to make
the maximum bet on the game. So, players can only play them if they can afford them.
The progressive online pokies come in different formats. Some come in the form of a three-
reel slot game, while some come in the form of video pokies. Whichever one you choose to
play; you will be looking at the biggest payouts. Even when you play with the lower jackpot
amount, the chances of winning with the regular base game symbols will increase, and
through this, players will enjoy more time at the games. You can find progressive jackpot
pokies in the top online casinos, and players from New Zealand are always attracted to these

Is Online Pokies the Game for You?

The most popular games you will see in any online casino are the online pokies. They are
always the first for players in New Zealand, and because of that, a huge selection of online
pokies is offered by the serious-minded online casinos in the country. In most cases, you will
see the casinos having more than 200 top-level pokies in their casino library. Online pokies
are games that players can play without skills, so beginners will always find respite in them.
Some of the online pokies come with jackpots that players cannot imagine, with huge bonus
rounds that are very exciting, delivering some good hours of entertainment and possible
impressive payouts to players. You can try some free real money pokies to try it out for slot online terbaru
yourself first before dedicating your bankroll to it.

How Do Online Pokies Work
The online pokies are designed to work just as they work in the land-based casinos. For you
to play and win real cash from online pokies, you have to sign up with a casino and ensure
that your account is a real money type. The meaning is that you must deposit some amount
of money into the account through the given payment methods. When you must have paid in
some money into your account, you can now pick from the pokies in their catalog and
wager real money. But you have to bear in mind that you can’t be sure of the outcome of the
spins because the outcomes are determined by a random number generating machine.
There are varying payout percentages in different online pokies. Many casino players will see
the payout percentage as more important than any other thing about the casino game and you
can ascertain the percentage for every game from the online casino. The chances of winning
are increased when a player selects a game with a better percentage. For each online pokie,
there are spinning reels and pay lines, and it’s upon these that the winning combinations are
revealed. When a player lands a winning, the winning amount is credited to the online
machine, and the player can cash the amount out when they wish. This makes the process
very simple and good for beginners

Indiana PAC hold public meeting lobbying government official to approve casino license

The Advance West Central Indiana PAC has started holding public meetings to discuss plans for a new casino in Vigo County.

Around 25 people were present at the group’s first forum, which is supporting the effort to build a new gambling venue.

Chairman of the political action committee, John Collett, told the audience about previous efforts to build a casino in the area, and the financial advantages it would bring.

If the people of Vigo vote in favor of a new casino situs slot terpercaya, the Indiana Gaming Commission will take operators’ applications until December 1 before choosing the best fit.

Until the operator is chosen, plans will remain on hold because it will be up to the company and community leaders to agree on a local development contract.

The state requires an investment of at least $100 million by whomever takes on the project, which Collett suggests would create 150 construction jobs and around 400 other jobs ranging all the way from bar staff to security.

Collett added that even if the venue was to see a very modest income, it would still bring in around $7 million each year in taxes.

The money would be divided among the city, county, Vigo County School Corp and West Central 2025, a regional economic development group.

Extra benefits could be folded into the community agreement; meaning each division could receive even more money in the long run.

The city would see around 40% of the money, the county 30%, and the other 15% would be split between Vigo County School Corp and West Central 2025.

Collett suggested that tax benefits from increased traffic and employment in the area should be considered an advantage by voters.

Despite the rising popularity of online slots, a 2019 Indiana Legislative Services Agency fiscal impact statement estimated that as many as 1.1 million people could visit a Terre Haute casino annually.

The community played devil’s advocate with the committee throughout the meeting, asking about the negative impact the casino could have on the community.

Questions showed concern about a possible increase in crime and the number of people suffering from gambling addictions.

In response, Collett told the audience that local leaders are already in talks with Harsha Behavioral Center and Hamilton Center. Both provide care for those struggling with addiction.

He added that crime in the county, in his opinion, never seemed to rise – Collett said that while spikes happen every now and again, they often coincide with a population increase.

He also said a voluntary self-exclusion program would come into place so that gamblers could choose to put themselves on a restriction list from entering gambling venues.

At least two casino operators are interested in opening a Terre Haute casino — Spectacle Entertainment and Full House Resorts.

While we wait to see if this casino gets the go-ahead, here are ten casinos you should definitely visit in your lifetime.

Find Trusted Poker Gambling Sites and How to Benefit from Playing Them

A trusted poker gambling site has indeed become one of the betting places that many real money gambling players visit in online games. This is because with a trusted agent, bettor can feel more benefits and advantages during gambling which cannot be obtained from other agents.

Especially now that there are also lots of bettors who get additional income by winning large numbers of wins in online poker games. Of course, with the proceeds from these bets, players can provide for their personal needs besides work, namely using additional income from gambling wins.

Moreover, the online poker card game system is also not complicated and quite easy. only requires a supporting device such as a cellphone, computer, or laptop that is connected to a stable internet connection. Before playing and getting big profits, of course the bettor must be part of a trusted official dealer first.

With a trusted agent, bettors agen judi slot can get a lot of profit. Because there is already a lot of evidence that quality bookies provide more convenience for players while running online bets. There are lots of interesting things for players to get if you register with a trusted bookie as a place to run bets every day.

Qualified Poker Site Accurate Info

Surely many of you are asking how to get a trusted poker gambling site to bet online. For that, you can do several ways, such as finding accurate information in order to get a trusted gambling site. For example, through close friends who have long been in the world of online gambling.

Make sure your friends have been in the world of online gambling for a long time and know which sites are trusted. If you join through a friend’s recommendation, it is indeed faster and easier. Even bettor can ask about what are the advantages and disadvantages of the site. So that you are more sure to join in it.

Apart from close friends, bettors can also find trusted sites through the search system. As many players already know, the internet search system has gotten more and more sophisticated with time. On the internet you can find lots of advice as well as directions about trusted bookies that can be used.

There are many types of agents to choose from according to the needs of each player. You can compare one site to another to find the agent you want. An official dealer will provide comfort to the players. So that there will be many active players in it to bet on poker gambling every day.

Winning to Play Official Agent Poker with the Maximum

Every player certainly wants to feel the big and maximum benefits during online card games. This is indeed not something strange for fans of online gambling. To get the maximum benefit, you can use several special and easy ways to win online poker without difficulty.

First by choosing the easiest type of game. Through a trusted site you can find lots of interesting types of bets to play. To win easily, you only need to choose one type of game where it is understood. Thus it will not be difficult to win the game.

If you like the safe way, then you can choose games with low bets. This will help you to minimize big losses while playing. In addition, bettors can pay attention to incoming and outgoing funds during play. Make sure to be able to manage it properly so as not to waste when gambling.

Use sufficient capital and don’t overdo it. Customize the type of play with the abilities of each bettor. Don’t be impetuous and make sure to stay focused during play so you can make the right decisions. Playing with a trusted poker gambling site does provide more benefits, make sure to join in.

Playing Official Poker Provides Many Benefits To Life

Online gambling such as official poker is known as the most profitable gambling game because it presents the most winning prizes. But it turns out that research by experts shows that online gambling like poker provides many benefits for life. Playing poker gambling is actually very good for health as long as it is done right.

Not everyone plays online gambling for material benefits, but most gambling players only seek fun and entertainment from online gambling. This is what makes poker gambling provide many benefits for life. Every activity that is carried out positively will also provide positive benefits.

Online poker gambling is a positive activity to do as long as you take advantage of the positive side situs slot online terbaru. Playing online poker gambling for material benefits also doesn’t hurt, as long as it is obtained through an honest and fair way. In order for online poker gambling to be useful and profitable for you, you should play online poker on a trusted gambling site.

Benefits of Official Poker for Life

Many have proven that online poker gambling has succeeded in changing their lives, not only from an economic standpoint but also from a health standpoint. If you want to play online poker gambling with fun, you will also get the benefits of online poker gambling. You can only get the following benefits from online poker gambling.

  1. Train Agility and Speed ​​of Thought

One of the benefits that you will experience when playing online poker gambling is that your agility and speed of mind will increase rapidly. In online poker gambling, you are required to make the right decisions quickly, because if the step you take is wrong, it can result in big losses. By regularly playing poker gambling, your mind agility will get better.

  1. Practicing Ability to Manage Finances

In online poker gambling, you are also required to have good financial management, so that by playing often, you will be good at managing daily finances. If you are not able to manage gambling capital properly, you will definitely find it difficult to win. Therefore, you must learn to manage gambling capital so that victory can be achieved easily.

  1. Practicing Opportunity Reading Ability

Another benefit that you can get from online poker gambling is that you will be trained to be able to read situations and seize opportunities quickly. Online poker gambling wins can be achieved if you can quickly read the situation at the poker table, whether your cards are profitable or not. When the cards are in favor you can increase the chances of winning.

  1. Practicing Self Maturity

Online poker gambling is also the most effective place to practice self-maturity. In online poker gambling, patience and calm will make it easier for you to win. The more patient you are when playing online poker, the easier it will be for you to get big wins. Therefore, poker gambling will train you to be a more mature person and be able to make the right decisions.

How to Train Maturity in Playing Poker Gambling

Not many people playing online poker gambling have maturity, and that is what makes it difficult for them to win. Maturity in playing online gambling can actually be trained easily, one way is to prioritize fun not victory. You should seek pleasure first and then seek victory.

If you feel happy and excited while playing poker gambling, then the victory will come naturally. Don’t ever want to be stressed when you lose online gambling, but take lessons and entertainment from every defeat you get. Thus you will be formed into an adult person in this official poker gambling.

The Original Money Poker Application for Active Poker Players

The real money poker application is a mandatory application for a bettor to be used to play online poker. With the development of today’s poker game which is increasingly in demand and can be played by everyone, poker agents make it easier for bettors to play more comfortably and freely.

One of them is by providing a poker application so that you can immediately play using your cellphone. This also answers the expectations of bettors who want to be able to play without having to spend a lot of capital to buy a computer. Because many players have not been able to buy a computer as a device to play online poker.

The existence of this poker application will encourage active players to spend more time playing online gambling and get more opportunities to win their favorite games slot 88 online. The discussion this time is related to the poker application, regarding the reasons you need and how to get this online poker application.

Why do you need a real money poker application?

There is always a reason behind the need for something. For example, you eat because your body needs nutritional intake to have the energy to do activities. Likewise with playing poker, you do it because you want to win bet money and have an exciting gaming experience. So, why do you need a poker application?

There are many reasons why you need an online poker application on your mobile, one of which is that a poker application will make it easy to play online poker. Especially if you are a highly mobile player who travels a lot, using a computer to play is very inflexible so it is necessary to have a poker application.

In addition, the real money poker application also makes it easier for those of you who don’t have a personal computer to be able to continue playing without having to bother going to a rental or using someone else’s computer. Using a poker application also lets you play at any time. For example, when waiting or on the way when using public transportation.

The more time you spend playing, the higher your chances of winning the game because you can play more. This of course will provide more benefits, if victory is obtained. So, the existence of a poker application is definitely very important and useful for you.

Also read the  advantages of joining the most popular online poker sites

Easy Ways to Get Genuine Money Poker Applications

With all the benefits that a poker application has, you should have this application on your mobile as soon as possible. Because if you delay, it will be further behind other bettors who already have and use this application to play. As an active player, you don’t want time to be wasted.

To get a poker application you simply download it for free on an online poker site. Don’t look for this application on the Playstore or Appstore, because this application is only available on online poker sites and is specifically used by online poker members. If you are not a member you will not be able to log into the application.

Free poker application, you only need to download according to the type of mobile OS, android or iOS, and install it on your mobile. The download and install process depends on your internet connection and cellphone memory. We recommend that you download it when the connection is smooth and make sure there is free space on your cellphone to install the application. Using wifi is highly recommended.

An active poker player needs to always be connected to the poker game on the online poker site. Therefore, the existence of a poker application is very helpful in meeting these needs. Flexible and easy to use are the main advantages that are able to give you victory after victory in playing poker from the real money poker application.

The Most Trusted IDN Poker with the Latest Super Ten Bet Recommendations

If you play on a trusted IDN Poker server, then you are no stranger to hearing the Super Ten game. The bets are interesting to try and do not make it difficult for new bettors if they have no gambling experience at all. Online gambling lovers must play it for the first time as an energizer and at the same time opening up new opportunities.

Super Ten has many advantages other than betting privileges that are not offered by other gambling servers. Only the IDN Poker network, an online gambling operator company with poker modified games . If you are interested in playing in it, then find the best and official IDN dealer to meet all your needs.

Without basic information about the game Super Ten you will not be able to master gambling smoothly agen slot terbaik. Challenges arise while the bettor finds it difficult to find a winning solution. In this way, we have to plan from now on so that we don’t experience problems, let alone cause bankruptcy due to running out of capital.

Getting to know Super Ten as an alternative poker bet

Boredom often hits trusted IDN Poker gambling players, so they want to find the latest alternative games . Super Ten is a game in early 2018 so it is a new gambling game but is already popular because it has a lot of fans. All players who follow the IDN Play server will definitely try Super Ten.

Following the basic game of card poker, Super Ten is easy to understand, especially since the rules are almost the same as other games . However, there are different calculations, especially in points of victory, card distribution, amount of profit, and special card combinations. You are also required to read the guidelines before starting to invest in gambling.

The Super Ten rules actually follow Samgong gambling and still use playing cards. Samgong originated from China since hundreds of years ago while the following betting is the evolution of card gambling in modern times. Super Ten combines several cards following the basic guidelines.

There is an order of the highest to the lowest, namely a combination of Value 1 with value points 1. While the highest combination contains 10 points. If you manage to get these points, the trusted IDN Poker bookie immediately makes them the winner of the bet.

Talking about game prizes , it is still varied to please all members. As long as you follow the best bookie, the prize always increases based on the factors that influence the bettor’s win. For example, referral bonuses, rolls, cash back and jackpots are mandatory income here.

Given the various combinations of Super Ten cards

The key to playing Super Ten at a trusted IDN Poker dealer is to remember the variety of card combinations. Poker has special combinations such as Straight, Full House, Flush and Threes. However, through this bet, you must choose certain combinations according to applicable regulations.

  1. The Three Picture card is the biggest order of Super Ten because it contains a high value so that it can beat all opponents playing. As for the types of cards such as King, Queen, Jack with free symbols.
  2. Super Ten is the second great combination that has a total value of 10. You are also very lucky to get that sequence because all players are randomly allocated cards.
  3. Value Ten, has a large number of points compared to Super Ten, which is 20 to 30. King, Jack, Queen cards have given a value of 10 and you can combine them with other types of cards. No wonder the number of points reaches 30 to win the bet.
  4. Value 9, Value 8 to Value 1 have values ​​in their respective sequence. The lower the combination, the more difficult it is for you to find a chance to win the Super Ten.

IDNPlay is an online gambling server service that provides this game. So if you want the opportunity to play Super Ten then look for official dealers with high profits first. If necessary, you can register using two methods, namely through the trusted IDN Poker website and mobile betting so that the opportunity is even greater.

Get to know the types of online poker jackpots that can be obtained

The online poker jackpot is one of the bonuses or prizes that players can win. The jackpot nominal itself is very large, it can even reach 100 times the capital played. Getting one jackpot prize can cover all losses when players experience defeat.

Seeing this very tantalizing prize, it’s no wonder that many players are trying to catch the jackpot. To get the jackpot is not easy and requires high luck, even players must use a precise strategy to win it.

Jackpots in online poker games can be reached when the player gets the best card combination. There are certain types of poker card combinations that players promo bonus slot member baru must get if they want to chase the jackpot prize. We will discuss them one by one here and how many potential quick wins can be obtained from each type of combination.

Super Royal Flush Poker Card Combinations

The super royal flush card combination produces the largest online poker jackpot value . Even this jackpot is the most eagerly awaited by professional poker players because with a little capital they can win prizes of up to tens of millions of rupiah. Players only need to buy a jackpot worth one thousand rupiah and have the opportunity to get big prizes.

The arrangement of this type of card consists of cards A, K, J, Q, 10 and must have the same interest to be called a super royal flush. Of course to get this combination is very difficult in poker games and requires a high hockey factor.

Combination of Straight Flush Poker Cards

Players can also get straight flush poker card combinations to win jackpot prizes. To get this card combination is easier than the super royal flush. Because here we only need to form a sequence of cards in sequence with the same interest.

The winning result from this card combination may be smaller than the super royal flush. That is, players can get a winning prize of Rp. 1.2 million if they succeed in getting a straight flush card combination. But if you pay attention, the chance to win this card combination is greater than the super royal flush.

Four Of Kind Poker Card Combinations

The jackpot that is no less interesting in online poker games is a combination of four of a kind cards. Many players have managed to win this jackpot bet because the chances of winning are indeed higher. This is how the player must get a combination of 4 twin cards, for example 3,3,3,3.

Prizes that can be won from this card combination start from IDR 250,000, which does not include the results of bets with other players who lose. So there is nothing wrong with trying to buy this jackpot card with a greater chance of winning than the previous jackpot type.

Full house poker card combination

One more type of online poker jackpot that can be won is the full house card combination. In online poker games, this jackpot variation is the smallest. Minimum prizes to be given to play start from IDR 10 thousand for the purchase of 1000 rupiah for the full house card.

Knowing the several types of jackpots in the online poker game above will help players focus on pursuing what card combinations are the most profitable. Each type has a different chance of winning, so you can decide for yourself which one is the easiest.

To get the many benefits of playing online poker, don’t forget to buy a jackpot card. Even though it is not easy, the opportunity to get a big profit from the online poker jackpot is very profitable for the bettor.